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Are you a conservative college student fed up with liberal lunacy? Do you believe in freedom, logic, and decency, and find them lacking on your campus? If so, we hope you'll join us in sharing the many stories of what it's like to be a conservative alone in an often hostile school.

We welcome submissions from all students – even if you're not in the United States. If you're a student with a story to tell, we hope you'll join us. If you're ready to network with other conservatives and become part of a greater community, you've found the right place.

Lone Conservative accepts submissions from students and recent graduates. If you have a story, or have an idea for a story, let us know. Our editors are happy to work with contributors to refine and share your work.

When applying to write for Lone Conservative, tell us the following:

  1. What school you are attending, and expected graduation year.
  2. Your Twitter/Facebook usernames (if applicable).
  3. A pitch for an article, or a finished article for our review.

Lone Conservative does not guarantee that your application will be accepted, or any submitted article will be published.

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