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Lone Conservative offers a platform for students, by students, to share their thoughts on politics, current events, and conservative campus culture. Our audience is those in college, just out of college, or even those about to enter college. In an academic world in which liberalism abounds and insanity is a daily occurrence, it can be hard to be a campus conservative. If you've encountered something on campus that you find illogical, nonsensical, or just plain weird, we want to hear about it. Whether you’re a campus conservative feeling insecure about your ideology or repressed from speaking your mind, or a graduate hoping to better network with other young conservatives, we hope to be a new home for you.

Sixty years after William F. Buckley stood athwart history, we intend to create a form of American conservatism for the new millennium: one which is undergirded by principles from time immemorial, but yet responsive to what our nation is confronted by in the present day. Almost two centuries after Benjamin Disraeli conceived of one nation conservatism for the United Kingdom, we work to create a uniquely American one nation conservatism for our nation.

History is made by those who show up, and we invite you to join us in translating timeless principles – respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – into defining what our generation’s one nation American conservatism will be.

Also, we think pineapple goes on pizza. Sorry not sorry.

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