Combatting the Left’s Abortion Lies


Friday, July 21, 2023

It’s been over a year since Roe v. Wade was overturned. Since last summer the abortion debate in America has been more heated than ever. For the Left, abortion is an issue that represents the freedom and sexual liberation of women. Ignoring the fact that the Left still can’t define what a woman is, it’s clear that their representation of abortion is incorrect. As millions of pro-life Americans know, abortion is the intentional killing of a child. The Left misleads mothers into thinking abortion is liberation when instead they’re just convincing them to kill their own children. 

But the Left has successfully hijacked the issue, as we saw in the 2022 midterms, Democrat gubernatorial candidates like Gretchen Whitmer and Josh Shapiro were able to the abortion issue to their advantage. This is largely because Republican messaging on the issue has been utterly incompetent. GOP candidates usually refuse to go on the offensive, and when they do, their messaging is often dystopian. This is why conservatives need to be prepared to combat the pervasive lies of the abortion industry. Let’s go over some of the Left’s rhetoric and arguments on abortion, and how to respond. 

“A woman has a right to choose.”

This argument presupposes that humans have the right to do whatever they want with no moral or legal barriers. This is not true, there is no choice given to anyone to destroy innocent human life.

“Stop controlling my body.”

The factor ignored in this argument is that the baby is not a part of your body, it is a separate and distinct organism with its own body.

“Y’all are only pro-birth.”

This is simply untrue, the pro-life and conservative movements have been at the forefront of supporting adoption care centers, crisis pregnancy centers, and well-structured families. All of which are generally faith-based. 

“The fetus is a potential life, not a life.”

The potentiality of life assumes there is no sign of life, but in unborn babies the signs of life are clear. The child has a unique DNA from either parent from the very beginning, only a few weeks in the baby’s heart begins to beat, and the brain waves begin. There is no doubt that from the very beginning of conception, life begins. 

“You’re just trying to boss women around.”

The pro-life movement is led by women. Leaders like Lila Rose and Autumn Higashi are bulwarks against the abortion industry and radical Left. But even if the movement wasn’t led by women, it wouldn’t matter, no movement against something as heinous as abortion shouldn’t need to prove its diversity. At the end of the day protecting babies is what matters, no matter the gender or race of whoever does it.

“Life doesn’t start at conception.”

One of the biggest lies of the pro-abortion movement is their stalwart rejection of basic biology. When sperm meets egg, a single-cell organism is created whose DNA is unique from the mother and father. It can be classified as an organism because it is a biological life form with the capability and purpose to grow. This is further supported by a poll of 5,577 biologists from 1,058 different academic institutions, in which 96% of them affirmed the notion that life starts at conception.

“A fetus is a parasite.”

Probably one of the most radical and repugnant arguments propagated by some in the pro-abortion movement is the notion that the unborn child is actually a parasite. Not only is this ridiculous on its face it’s also scientifically incorrect. A parasite is an invasive organism of another species that lives at the expense of the host. An unborn baby does not fit this criterion at all. First of all, an unborn baby is a human organism, the same species as the mother. Secondly, the baby is not invasive nor lives at the mother’s expense, the baby is meant to be there as a part of a natural biological process. So no, a baby is not a parasite. 

The pro-abortion side attempts to argue that babies aren’t babies, but scientifically and logically it is clear that the unborn are alive and deserving of love like everyone else.

Ayaan Karan is a student at California High School. Ayaan regularly writes opinion pieces on political issues for his school newspaper, The Californian. His interests include law, economics, and politics.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Ayaan Karan

Ayaan Karan is a student at California High School. Ayaan regularly writes opinion pieces on political issues for his school newspaper, The Californian. His interests include law, economics, and politics.

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