Newsletter: Respect for Marriage Act Divides the GOP


Sunday, December 11, 2022

Happy Sunday, 

We hope you enjoyed your weekend and aren’t too overwhelmed with holiday shopping. It was another news-heavy week, and we’re here to keep you posted on any stories you might have missed.

This week, the House passed the Respect for Marriage Act, which is expected to be signed by President Joe Biden. The bill will codify the rights to same-sex marriage at a federal level, regardless of whether the Supreme Court ever overturns Obergefell. Several Republicans crossed the aisle and voted in favor of the legislation, leading to a widespread debate over the conservative perspective on the bill. Two of our contributors, Jack Ripley and Editor William Benson, came down on different sides of the issue and wrote opposing arguments in our pages. Give them a read, and let us know what you think about the act on social media. 

Last week, we introduced you to the Supreme Court case 303 Creative v. Elennis, which weighs state public accommodations laws against the free speech rights outlined in the First Amendment. Interestingly the ACLU, which claims to defend free speech, came down on the side of the state of Colorado, arguing that the first amendment “does not give a right to discriminate.” Our President, Dace Potas, argues in his Friday column that this is further evidence that the ACLU has forgone its commitment to free speech to advance “social justice.” 

The term NeoCon often invokes a negative response, among both the right and the left. It harkens back to George Bush, the Iraq war, and shady dealings behind closed doors. However, contributor Jake Kroesen argues that the term is misunderstood, and he explains why in his latest article. 

Lastly, to any of the conservative women in our audience, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the left doesn’t value your perspective the same as their own. This is all too familiar for those on college campuses. AJ Given, the President of American University’s Enlightened Women Chapter, talked about her experiences as a conservative feminist on her campus in her guest feature

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