Republicans, Surf The Red Wave!


Monday, November 7, 2022

For the last two years, a wave has been forming out at sea. Out past the shore of our ruler’s political vision, a wave has been building. This wave can be described in two ways: enormous and red. This red wave is coming to flood the Democrats across the country. In other words, Republicans are going to dominate November’s midterm elections. I am typically not one to make political predictions, much less to get too riled up in pure fanfare, but considering the impending red wave that is upon us, I find it necessary to put a few things on the table concerning the elections, and what Republicans should do if they are victorious.

Republicans should surf the wave. While one should not put all their chips on the polls, I will start out by pointing out that it appears Republicans are going to take a sizable majority in the House of Representatives. This is particularly significant because it will give Republicans the first piece in their effort to block President Biden’s agenda. Should Republicans find themselves in the majority of the House, they should not merely sit back and play “loyal opposition.” Rather, they should go on offense – investigations, hearings, and attempting to pass substantive legislation to reverse course on President Biden’s corrupt administration, including the targeting of his political opponents and terrible economic agenda. Additionally, the House must seriously consider the impeachment of certain officials: Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his failure to secure the southern border and Attorney General Merrick Garland for his weaponization of the Department of Justice against conservatives and pro-life activists. President Biden should not be considered off the table as well. Furthermore, Republicans would be wise to flip the switch on Democrats. Instead of abolishing the January 6th Committee, they should instead use it to portray their side of the matter, while also investigating the Summer of 2020 Riots and the abuses of power during COVID.

Similarly, Republicans in the Senate should take a similar tone. Poised to take a four seat majority, a Republican Senate should be prepared to block the political nominations – and judicial appointments – of President Biden. Not only does this provide a significant amount of wiggle room to hurt President Biden’s political operations, but also some worthwhile opportunities to consider certain legislation that Democrats in the Senate, fearful of their recent defeat, may be more inclined to moderate on and go along with, especially concerning COVID and the economy. All in all, Republicans at the national level will still face their own obstruction in the White House, with many of their initiatives unlikely to pass on President Biden’s desk. Thus, while Republicans must play and act tough, obstruction of and checking on the administration is key.

Contrary to the national level, considerable work will need to continue at the state level. With Republicans predicted to have thirty-one governorships, much action will need to be taken at the state level as the only means of passing pressing political initiatives. Immediately, Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbot come to mind. As they will win by considerable margins, their popular efforts, particularly in the areas of immigration, crime, education, and transgenderism must be emulated across the country. Particularly, governors should focus on protecting children, securing the southern border (and continuing to bus illegal immigrants into Democrat strongholds), protecting our cities and schools, and securing the integrity of our political order. Newly elected governors, particularly in midwestern states, should continue to direct the Republican Party towards that of the working class, ensuring that America’s home industries and workers are protected.

Several candidates running for office are particularly worth watching. While it is impossible to cover every individual running for elected office, several have caught my attention, and, if elected, will be considerable political forces. JD Vance and Blake Masters of Ohio and Arizona, respectively, will be worthy opponents in the Senate if elected, breaking free of the establishment grip and instead embracing a platform of making the economy work for families. Similarly, Kari Lake will mark a turning point in Arizona state politics, also breaking free of the late-Senator McCain’s control of the state, and taking on the challenge of illegal immigration and pledging to complete the border wall. Finally, a house candidate worth watching is Joe Kent of Washington state, who has been an outspoken critic of America’s foreign wars of empire in the Middle East, would be interesting to hear speaking out against American support of the war in Ukraine on the House floor.

For the first time in a long time, Republicans have an opportunity to redefine their political vision. It is not by accident that Republicans are going to be elected across the country, even in some deep blue areas, including Washington state and Nevada. Republicans must take advantage of the momentum behind them and offer a real message to the country. Instead of reverting back to “small government and low taxes,” Republicans should be fierce in their defense of the American people, promote the common good explicitly, get the United States out of proxy involvement in Ukraine, seek tariffs in trade legislation, and actively fight against Big Technology and Big Business.

Still, many looming questions remain, such as if Republicans will have the spine to seek such an agenda, whether conservative members of the party can elect a more conservative speaker than Congressman McCarthy, and what role Donald Trump plays in the future of the party? While I hope for the positive in each of those instances, only time will tell.

So, Republicans, surf the red wave to victory, but do not fall off your board! Cowabunga, my fellow Americans!

William Benson is an undergraduate student at The Catholic University of America pursuing a degree in politics with a concentration in political theory. He serves on the executive board of Catholic University College Republicans and is a columnist and editor at Lone Conservative.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About William Benson

William Benson is an undergraduate student at The Catholic University of America pursuing a degree in politics with a concentration in political theory. He serves on the executive board of Catholic University College Republicans and is a columnist and editor at Lone Conservative.

williamgbenson on Instagram @williamgbenson

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