After polls as recent as August showed a significant gap between incumbent Mark Kelly and Blake Masters, Republicans have suddenly been thrust right into the mix of the Arizona Senate race.   

Blake Masters 

Masters is an Arizona native businessman and political newcomer. He was able to win the Republican nomination built from the backing of billionaire Peter Thiel. Masters is running a campaign focused on family-focused policies, securing the southern border, and focusing on law and order.  

Mark Kelly 

Kelly is the incumbent Democrat Senator from Arizona. Once an astronaut and navy captain, Kelly became a Senator in 2019 after John McCain’s death triggered a special election for his seat. He is running his 2022 campaign on restoring Arizona’s economy, defending legal abortion, and improving clean energy. He is naturally leaning heavily into his past service as an astronaut and veteran as well.  

What do the polls say? 

Arizona remains a state where Republicans see a strong chance to pick up a seat. With less than a month to go until election day, the RCP average indicates that Masters trails Kelly by only 2.5 points. 


As is true of any battleground state, Republicans feel they need to pick up this seat in order to control the Senate in November. Defending this seat is a number one priority for Democrats, and now that polls have narrowed it truly is a toss-up that will come down to the wire.   

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Be sure to look for more midterm coverage from Lone Conservative in the weeks to come. 


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