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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Each of the next five weeks, we will be taking a deeper dive into one of the battleground Senate races. This past week, a lot of attention has been paid to the Georgia race, and the fiery allegations surrounding GOP nominee Herschel Walker.

The Candidates: 

Herschel Walker 

Walker is an NFL legend who got his start in college football with the University of Georgia, rushing for more than 5,000 yards, and winning the Heisman trophy along the way. Walker’s name recognition from his football career has made up for his lack of political experience. His campaign is built upon a socially conservative message, including increasing police funding, banning abortion, and support for school choice. 

Walker has been in the news as of late due to a number of disturbing allegations, including that he has paid for the abortion of a former girlfriend. He has also been accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife, as well as of being an absent and abusive father by one of his sons. 

Raphael Warnock

Reverend Warnock is the incumbent Senator who won his seat in the Georgia special elections in 2021. His campaign platform is built upon key social issues, such as legal abortion, support for the LGBT community, and supporting the Democrat “voting rights” platform. 

Warnock too has been surrounded by controversy, including allegations of domestic violence, allegedly running over his ex-wife’s foot with his car during an incident in which the police were called. 

What do the polls say?

The Real Clear Politics average indicates that Raphael Warnock leads narrowly by 3.8 points. However, it’s unclear if the allegations levied against Walker have had their effect on the polling numbers just yet. In all likelihood, Walker will have a significant deficit to recover from leading into November. As we know, polling isn’t everything, but its our best indicator at the moment. 


Republicans need to win every race they can if they want to take the Senate in November. Georgia is a vital seat to flip on the way to a majority. A loss here doesn’t guarantee a win for the Democrats, but it would go a long way toward helping. If Walker doesn’t win, Republicans will have to pick up a seat in another battleground state, with likely similar or worse odds. 

From the Pages of Lone Conservative

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Last month the third annual National Conservatism Conference was held in Miami. Various thinkers associated with the nationalist branch of the movement attended, including Josh Hawley and Peter Thiel. Contributor Scott Howard discusses the significance of the conference and the ideological split on the right in his Friday article.

In his Wednesday column, Jack Shields commends Matt Walsh’s recent work exposing the “barbaric nature” of transgender surgeries. Walsh and The Daily Wire have uncovered the immense profiteering pediatric gender clinics engage in while mutilating children. Accordingly, Shields argues that conservative lawmakers should draw a hardline by outlawing these practices and punishing parents who agree to them as child abusers.



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