Newsletter: Putin’s Nuclear Threat


Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Putin’s Nuclear Threats

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin threatened to nuke Ukraine last week. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard such threats from the Kremlin, but the diminished position of Russian troops on the battlefield has made foreign policy analysts question whether the tyrant might be genuinely considering using weapons of mass destruction.

Here are a few pieces we recommend to get caught up on Putin’s war on Ukraine:

Last week Commentary Magazine editor Noah Rothman detailed Putin’s willingness to utilize last-resort strategies to avoid defeat in Ukraine. Putin has tried everything from calling up reservists to sending convicts to the frontlines as a means to bolster the war effort; according to Rothman, these steps are indicative of Putin’s irrationality.

Tom Rogan explained in the Washington Examiner how Putin backed himself into a corner since February by combining political miscalculations with an unorganized military campaign and why he might have to choose between detention and defeat in Ukraine.

And finally, Professor Paul Miller described the conflict’s soberingly high stakes in the pages of The Dispatch. Miller argues that the war in Ukraine is the closest the world has come to nuclear conflict since the Cuban missile crisis.


With in-person classes in full swing on campuses across the country, it’s vital that conservatives are able to speak their mind at progressive colleges. In his Monday article, Jack Applewhite offers “Five Tips for Combatting Liberal Bias on Campus,” Applewhite reminds us that left-wing professors and students often seek to silence right-of-center voices, and calls on readers to challenge them.

Polling over the summer has shown Republican Senate candidates underperforming in multiple battleground states once considered prime pickup opportunities. In his column, Lone Conservative President Dace Photos diagnoses the issue plaguing the GOP from Arizona to Pennsylvania: candidate quality. Potas doesn’t hesitate to point out the one thing many of these struggling candidates have in common: “an endorsement from Donald Trump, and loyalty to his brand of conservatism.”

Political commentators on the right, and even some on the left, have been critical of President Biden’s student loan debt transfer. In his article last week, our own Russell Kitsis focused on the constitutionality (or lack thereof) of Biden’s executive fiat. Kitsis determined Biden’s legal rationale for the decision is “tenuous at best.”

A college football game between the Oregon Ducks and BYU Cougars made national headlines after several Oregon students chanted “f*** the Mormons” at the opposing team. Our Editor-in-Chief, Ben Snead, who happens to be a student at the University of Oregon, explored the irony behind such a derogatory chant coming from a student body that claims to value diversity and inclusion.

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