Five Tips for Combatting Liberal Bias on Campus


Monday, September 26, 2022

School is back in session, meaning the stresses of exams, projects, and extracurriculars are back in full swing as well.

For conservative students at many universities, these stressors often also include dealing with attempts to indoctrinate them to left-wing ideology and campus officials who push liberal policies.

Conservative students are being attacked on college campuses across the nation for their beliefs. Their political perspectives are being censored. They are being punished for voicing their own opinion.

Whether it be vandalism of pro-life displays or a student being denied a seat on student government for appearing on Fox News, the anti-conservative movement is alive and well on campus.

As a new semester is just getting underway, here are five tips that will help you as a conservative student to combat liberal bias on campus this school year.

Speak up in class

If your professor is lecturing on a topic and is representing their personal beliefs as fact, speak up and voice a different perspective or present information that debunks their theory.

Liberal professors will often interject their own opinions, with little to no evidence or facts to support them, into their lessons to create a narrative and push an agenda.

They expect to be able to say whatever they want without being challenged. Be the student who does challenge them. If you are worried about a retaliatory bad grade, just remember to be respectful in your interactions with them.

Hold the university accountable to its free speech policy

If you attend a public university, the school likely receives federal funding and therefore has a responsibility to protect first amendment rights to free speech.

Research your university’s free speech policy. If you experience a violation of that policy, don’t let it go unchecked.

If the school implements a proposal or attempts to silence students based on their political perspectives, email faculty members and administrators to remind them of their commitment and duty to protect free speech.

Attend student government meetings

Follow the actions of your student government closely. Often, the legislative body of your student government will pass resolutions and proclamations that claim a liberal position on behalf of the student body.

If their claim is not representative of your opinion, make sure they are aware of it.

Your student government is supposed to allow students to attend their meetings to speak for or against certain issues. Take this opportunity to push back on liberal policies that your representatives are trying to implement on campus.

Keep discussions with classmates and professors civil

When having a political debate with professors and other students, always maintain civil dialogue and show respect for your opponent’s opinion. Always keep the conversation focused on facts.

These discussions can easily get heated when both parties are passionate about a particular subject matter. Stay calm and collected. Sometimes, your opponent wants you to get mad so that they can get a reaction out of you. Don’t give it to them.

Walk away from the debate knowing that you presented the facts and did it without acting out.

Get involved on campus and continue to spread the conservative message

Get active in the political scene at your university. Find a conservative club or group of like-minded students that share your passion for spreading the conservative message.

Without students who challenge the status quo and liberal bias, universities are free to completely erase conservative ideology from campus.

Jack Applewhite is a student at the University of Georgia where he is pursuing a degree in business management. Jack aspires to attend law school and has goals of one day running for public office.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Jack Applewhite

Jack Applewhite is a student at the University of Georgia where he is pursuing a degree in business management. Jack aspires to attend law school and has goals of one day running for public office.

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