SHIELDS: Abortion Is Detrimental to Women


Sunday, July 10, 2022

Very often debates over abortion are framed as between those who think abortion protects women’s rights and those who think abortion violates the rights of the unborn. 

Unfortunately, this deceptive framing provides nefarious avenues to characterize the necessity of abortion access as a feminist issue. Once an otherwise well-intentioned champion of sex equality can rationalize away the humanity of the unborn, it becomes nearly impossible to pull them off the ledge of unlimited abortion access. Therefore, the pro-life side should actively fight this dichotomous setup to combat the anti-woman practice of abortion. 

It is nonsense to suggest that women’s rights are advanced by abortion. As is the case every time we violate the natural law in a supposed attempt to protect natural rights, not only do we violate the rights of others, but we harm the very group we seek to protect. Abortion is detrimental to women. Rather than giving women equality and liberty, abortion subjects them to the evil acts of pathetic men. 

When Justice Alito’s draft opinion for Dobbs was leaked, a viral TikTok video warned “if abortion gets banned hookup culture will be absolutely decimated” because “what woman would have mediocre sex with a drunk rando if he could potentially father her child[?]”

This warning revealed the great harm inflicted upon women by the pathetic kind of men who do have reason to fear abortion being banned. Sex is an act with significant responsibility attached. If a man chooses to have sex with a woman outside of wedlock and she gets pregnant, they are duty-bound to marry and raise their child together. 

Abortion allows men to escape their responsibility, placing the burdens of their behavior on the woman and their baby. She is the one who goes and gets the abortion, and the baby is the one who gets murdered. All so men can go from one woman to another, furthering their debauchery unimpeded.  

Unsurprisingly, a culture of casual sex built upon a culture of death is detrimental to men and women, but women are hurt to a much greater extent. The Guardian reported, “social science research has often linked casual encounters to feelings of sexual regret, low self-esteem and psychological distress, especially among women.” 

Men and women are different, and the differences between them are rarely more pronounced than when it comes to sex. In two studies conducted in 1978 and 1982 respectively, volunteers approached unwitting participants of the opposite gender and asked one of three questions: will you go on a date with me? Will you come to my apartment with me? Will you sleep with me? 

Whereas 0% of women in either study agreed to have sex with a male volunteer, men were more willing to have sex with a female volunteer than they were to go on a date with her in either study. Research shows time and time again that men are more likely to prioritize sex while women prioritize emotional accessibility.  

Hookup culture creates disordered relationships designed to fulfill the priorities of men, and neglect the priorities of women. And when a woman gets pregnant, the men engaged in hookup culture are apt to rely on abortion to maintain this loathsome state of affairs. 

According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, 14% of women who had an abortion said a reason they did so was because they did not have enough support from their husband or partner. 19% said they weren’t sure about their relationship, 12% said they and their partner didn’t want to get married, 11% said they might soon break up, and 14% said their husband or partner wanted them to get an abortion.  

The result of hookup culture and virtueless relationships is a situation where the man refuses to embrace the responsibilities of marriage and fatherhood, and thus pregnancy becomes a threat to the stability of the relationship rather than one of its chief purposes. It is abusive for weak men to refuse to provide for their family and opt to have their child murdered instead. 

Abortion doesn’t help women, but it is most convenient for men like Jeffery Toobin, who tried to pay his mistress to have an abortion, or men like the hypocrite Tim Murphy, a disgraced Republican representative who resigned after it was discovered that he asked his mistress to get an abortion. It helps men like Dave Portnoy who wants abortion to be an option so he can pursue his lusts and escape responsibility and virtue. 

Abortion objectifies and demeans women. It allows pathetic men to treat women as toys. It leaves women hurt and unhappy. Abortion is detrimental to women.

Jack Shields is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is currently attending Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. He is an editor and columnist for Lone Conservative, and a reporter for The College Fix.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Jack Shields

Jack Shields is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is currently attending Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. He is an editor and columnist for Lone Conservative, and a reporter for The College Fix.

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