SHIELDS: Ban Sex-selective Abortions


Friday, July 1, 2022

As I said when advocating for banning eugenic abortions, it is presently impossible to ban abortion in every state. Therefore, we should advocate for narrow abortion restrictions that expose the evil of abortion in pro-abortion states. One such restriction that ought to be pushed is the proscription of sex-selective abortions. 

Supporters of abortion claim that it is an essential component of women’s liberty and equality. This is preposterous. Far from making women equal to men, abortion has allowed millions of little girls to be murdered simply because they were not boys. 

Sexism, one of the more pervasive and consequential sins in our fallen world, still dominates many cultures. In these detestable cultures, a baby boy is rightly rejoiced as a blessing, but the gift of a baby girl is rejected and despised. This flawed perception results in boys being seen as an asset to a family while girls are seen as a liability. Before abortion became widely available–and to a certain extent even still today–countless baby girls were subject to abandonment and infanticide. 

With abortion, these sexist societies don’t have to wait until a girl is born to murder her, they can sentence her to death for the crime of being the wrong sex in the womb. The mass murder of baby girls has resulted in death tolls that dwarf the Holocaust. 

As of 2020, 140 million women are missing worldwide because of sex selection. China’s now defunct one-child policy caused boys to be valued over girls even more, with 62 million girls falling victim to sex selection. Nearly ⅓ of Chinese girls were aborted upon the revelation of their sex. A 2011 study published by International Perspective on Sexual and Reproductive Health found that in India from 1980-2010, an estimated 8.1 million girls were aborted because of their sex. 

This is despicable. Men and women, boys and girls, are equal, with both sexes being made in the image of God. It is an egregious violation of natural law for either to be deprived of any liberty on the basis of their sex much less for women to be murdered because of it. 

And as is the case with all sins, the nations that embrace sex-selective abortions pay dearly. China has plunged itself into a demographic crisis. In 2030 it is expected that China will surpass Japan as the world’s oldest nation and there will be 29 million working-age men without female counterparts. 

American culture being superior to and more egalitarian than that of communist China’s, a demographic catastrophe like that is unlikely even if sex-selective abortions remain legal. Nevertheless, the infrequency of violent acts isn’t a justification for their allowance. Surely the leader of the free world will not embrace the very atrocities embraced by an empire whose sins we openly denounce. Sexism is a violation of the American Creed that cannot be tolerated in any form. 

As they have with so many other things antithetical to our Creed, abortion advocates have embraced sex-selective abortions. The Guttmacher Institute pillories bans of sex-selective abortions as merely “disguised as a means to eliminate gender discrimination” that “stigmatize[s] Asian American patients and communities in particular.” 

If the enemies of life see fit to embrace sex-selective abortion on these grounds, let us resolve to give them multitudinous opportunities to do so! Let pro-abortion legislators explain to our republic and the world that it is essential that parents be allowed to abort their baby if its gender is not to their liking. Let these modern King Henrys defend their belief that murdering a preborn girl because of her sex is essential if women are to be equal to men. Let them defend their vile contention that if women are to be free, girls must be killed. 

Americans will see their evil for what it is, and abortion advocates will be forced to admit that an abortion isn’t a procedure done to a clump of cells, but a violent act against a boy or a girl. Many of these laws will not pass at first, the enemies of life will win many early battles, but in so doing, they will have cost themselves the war.

Jack Shields is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is currently attending Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. He is an editor and columnist for Lone Conservative, and a reporter for The College Fix.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Jack Shields

Jack Shields is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is currently attending Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. He is an editor and columnist for Lone Conservative, and a reporter for The College Fix.

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