The Lone Conservative Weekly: April 3, 2022


Sunday, April 3, 2022

Dear reader (including those Duke fans who are probably still recovering emotionally), 

As we approach the Orwellian dystopia where up is down, peace is war, and men are women, the man Lia Thomas recently won the NCAA’s Women’s Swimming and Diving championships. After the incredible progress women’s rights made over the course of the last century and a half, the patriarchy’s comeback victory via becoming the matriarchy is certainly as surprising as it is disturbing for those who actually care about women. Lone Conservative columnists Taylor Hunt and Erin van Natta–both of whom are real women–have written articles about the attack on women’s sports and the medical-industrial complex pushing transgenderism respectively. 

As we near the culmination of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination process, many on the right have chosen to focus their criticism on her record on child pornography cases, her affiliations with liberal institutions, and dark money fueling her path to the court. However, the biggest concern among many is how she will rule once on the court. In his Wednesday article, our very own Jacob Shields breaks down both how Jackson claims she will rule and how she will in practice. 

As the war on Ukraine continues, western leaders have attempted to curb their reliance on Russian oil. However, the domestic consequences of sanctions on Russia have become clear, as gas prices have continued to spike. In his column, our own Dace Potas explains how the oil shortage is intertwined with shallow progressive environmentalism, which objects to drilling and refining oil in the United States, effectively increasing our reliance on oil from nefarious foreign actors.

Amelia Underhill recently wrote in our pages about The Ghost of Kyiv. If you remember the footage from the first days of the war, you’ll know that video of the “ghost” in action has since been debunked. But Underhill writes about how “The Ghost is a symbol of hope. Of defiance. Of resistance. Of freedom…Right now, Ukraine needs something to hold onto; it needs something to symbolize a brighter tomorrow.” 

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