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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Dear reader (including those of you who didn’t get the last Wordle),

With the Beijing Olympics coming to a close amidst the backdrop of countless human rights abuses perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party, concerns about the Uyghur genocide have become increasingly prominent in American political discourse. In a Wednesday article, one of our contributors argues that the United States should support the independence of East Turkistan, the region currently occupied as China’s Xinjiang province. According to the author, recognizing East Turkistan would help set the Uyghurs on a path toward emancipation through independence.

Gay conservatives are often subjected to the brunt of the animosity of the left, leading them to feel as if the inclusivity the left preaches only applies if you hold the same political views. Our very own Jacob Shields explains that “As a conservative gay American, I have been left behind” in his article It’s Time To Retire The Rainbow Flag

As the tyrant Vladimir Putin prepares to subject the Ukrainian people to Russian tyranny once more, Kevin Williamson has an excellent article at National Review suggesting many effective policy actions we can take short of war to both harm and deter Russia. After our abandonment of Afghanistan, it is no surprise the forces of tyranny are once more on the move, and if we do not resolve to be strong and defend liberty, Williamson suggests that NATO members may be in danger next. 

“As the two-year anniversary of COVID quickly approaches, many Americans are questioning, ‘How did ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ turn into two years?’” Blake Mauro notes the lowering of COVID restrictions and laments their continuity in other areas in his article Unmandating America.  

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The Myth of the Biden Boom by Nathan Biller

Flying Fish and Faith by Ellie Dickson


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