The Lone Conservative Weekly: February 6, 2022


Sunday, February 6, 2022

Dear reader (including those of you who would vote against Biden’s SCOTUS nominee because you secretly want to date her), 

Last week, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement. Justice Breyer was nominated to the Court by President Clinton, serving for nearly three decades. During an event at the White House, Justice Breyer reflected on his optimism for the future of our American experiment, a sentiment we can all share, regardless of judicial philosophy.

After Breyer announced his retirement, President Biden committed to nominating a black woman to fill the seat. The President was justifiably criticized for his focus on racial identity instead of merit in the nominating process. In his “Impromptus” column, Jay Nordlinger laments the role identity politics has played in judicial nominations, and American politics broadly.

The Democrats know they will get decimated during the midterms, and are thus opting for their tried and true formula of attacking free and legitimate elections. Our own Dace Potas exposes their scheming and hypocrisy in his latest column, saying of those Democrats who decried January 6th, “[T]he fact that they are so quick to discredit elections that don’t go their way shows that they are no better.”

Up north in Canada, the trucker convoy protest of vaccine mandates continues. The convoy had raised over $9 million on the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe when the platform announced it was suspending the campaign and would redistribute the funds to charities of its choice. After threats of fraud investigation, the platform has since backtracked, promising to refund the donors. Nevertheless, it is infuriating that a supposedly open platform is not allowing donations to a peaceful protest after allowing millions of dollars to flow into the coffers of violent BLM rioters over the past two years.

With the Olympic opening ceremonies taking place this week, many Americans have made been making comparisons between these Olympics and those that took place in Nazi Germany. The Olympics now provide a lucrative opportunity for the Chinese Communist Party to distribute their propaganda, just as Hitler did in the 1936 Olympic Games. In his Friday piece for National Review, Editor Jay Nordlinger applies his experience covering China and the Olympics to compare between 1936 and now. 

As always, do not hesitate to read the latest from our pages. 

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