POTAS: The Democratic Strategy to Delegitimize Coming Elections


Sunday, January 30, 2022

Democrats are taking a page out of the Trump playbook and threatening to delegitimize elections that don’t go their way.

It has been a rough couple of months for the Democratic Party. Build Back Better is dead, record-breaking inflation continues to rise, a bipartisan majority just killed their hopes to eliminate the filibuster, and Joe Biden’s approval rating is just 33 percent. 

The 2022 midterms were already a favorable election cycle for Republicans, and now Democrats are heading into the campaign trail with no momentum to support their nominees.

So what will be their response to losing a free and fair election? Claim the rules are skewed against them. If they lose this election cycle, which is the likely outcome, they will blame the recent string of state-led election reforms for their loss. 

Democrat leaders are already equipping themselves to discredit future losses. By falsely claiming that voting rights are being stripped away in states that pass election reform, Democrats are able to claim elections in these states are inherently unfair. 

During last Wednesday’s press conference, President Biden was asked by reporters whether or not he would consider the midterm election results legitimate. His response was, “It all depends… I think it would easily be illegitimate….the increase in the prospect of being illegitimate is in proportion to not being able to get these reforms passed.”

Later Wednesday night, Vice President Kamala Harris said, “Let’s get these Bills passed before we have that conversation” when asked whether or not the midterm elections would be considered legitimate. She also refused to answer the same question during an interview with NBC News last Thursday. 

These are the same individuals that just spent a year grandstanding about Trump’s lies surrounding the 2020 election. They were right to denounce his baseless claims, but the fact that they are so quick to discredit elections that don’t go their way shows that they are no better.

These comments come in addition to the slew of blatant lies surrounding the election reform bills in order to smear honest election reforms as “racist” or “attacks on democracy.” The claim is that these new election reforms restrict the right to vote, yet there is no evidence that a single person who is supposed to be able to vote can not under any new law. 

It is utterly shameful to discredit American elections with no evidence. It was disgraceful when Hillary Clinton did it, when Stacey Abrams did it, when Donald Trump did it, and it will be when Democrats do it in 2022.

Democrats crying wolf about an illegitimate election will only lead to faith in our future elections being shaken. Over half of Republicans currently believe that the 2020 election was stolen. The outcome will be the same if Democrats make the same claims when they don’t get the outcome they want. 

By beginning to hint at the potential for an illegitimate election now, Democrats are laying the groundwork to blame state-led voting reforms for their losses in 2022 and beyond. Donald Trump showed us why this is a dangerous path to go down, and Democrats, if convinced of an illegitimate election, will not be any less vicious than Trump supporters.

Dace Potas is the President of Lone Conservative. He previously served as an editor and columnist. He is a senior political science student at DePaul university. He has bylines in The College Fix and Just The News.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Dace Potas

Dace Potas is the President of Lone Conservative. He previously served as an editor and columnist. He is a senior political science student at DePaul university. He has bylines in The College Fix and Just The News.

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