The Lone Conservative Weekly: January 9, 2022


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Dear reader (including those still stuck on I-95), 

As the midterms draw near, Lone Conservative’s own Jack Applewhite gives his commentary on those races that are most likely to shift the balance of power one way or the other. Nevada, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, and Georgia all have crucial and close races to watch. Read Jack’s article and be the most knowledgeable politico on the subject at your next party. 

On December 27th, President Biden finally admitted that there is no federal solution to the COVID pandemic. Contributor Justin Rodriguez argues “Conservative Americans should take care to hold the President to account for his words, to continue to fight federal overreach.” A more decentralized approach to COVID should be welcomed by conservatives, and one can hope that this rediscovery of federalism will extend to current SCOTUS cases involving the OSHA vaccine mandates and abortion.

As the inaugural anniversary of the Capitol riots passed this Thursday, political commentators from across the spectrum condemned former President Trump’s attempt to usurp the powers of the presidency. However, in his Friday column, Rich Lowry, questions why Democrats are particularly willing to denounce the constitutionally dubious actions that preceded the riots, while separately attempting to undermine America’s constitutional order themselves. Lowry cautions Democrats against tearing down the same norms that prevented President Trump from seizing power.

A whole year later, some individuals on both sides of the political spectrum wish to reimagine the events of January 6th, 2020 to fit their own narrative. In their own piece on the riots, the editors of National Review have a message for both Democrats who want to exaggerate what the riots were and Republicans who want to downplay the event. 

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