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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Dear reader,

We hope you haven’t recently become one of the unfortunate souls whose schooling has been moved online. Instead, we hope you are ready for large upcoming gatherings for Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

Even as the coronavirus threat continues to subside, universities across the nation are continuing to impose unnecessarily burdensome restrictions on their students and faculty. In his Tuesday article, Kyle Schmidbauer details the questionable mask policy at his college, Montclair State University. Schmidbauer also rips certain students for their willingness to confront others for violating mask guidelines.

The Texas Heartbeat law is still in the process of being legally challenged, but in a victory for life, the Supreme Court is allowing the law to remain in effect during this process. As wonderful as it is that the law has significantly lowered the number of abortions performed in Texas, the peculiar method by which the law does so–having private individuals enforce it to avoid alleged constitutional issues–was always risky. Sure enough, California Governor Gavin Newsom took a break from his tyrannical COVID policies to announce that California will be using the Texas law as a model for their own bill that will allow private citizens to sue gun manufacturers. May the Californians who wish to see the Constitution upheld soon find freedom in Texas and Florida. 

There exists an interesting intra-coalitional fight on the right. Trump rode a populist wave into the White House and his defeat in 2020 has further revealed the divide on the right between the national conservatives and classical liberals. Dylan Morris’ article titled “Has Trump Permanently Shifted the Republican Party Narrative?” explores this divide. 

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