The Lone Conservative Weekly: November 14, 2021


Sunday, November 14, 2021

Dear reader, 

We hope you are enjoying your weekend. If you are like us, you are counting down the days to Thanksgiving where the masks will be off, the relatives will return, and a Christmas season with no holds barred begins. 

The discourse surrounding Kyle Rittenhouse’s public trial has made it evident that liberals and conservatives operate in alternate realities. Though it seems likely that the jury will find Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, prominent left-wingers like Lebron James and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries are convinced that he deserves to be locked away for life. If the left had their way, core American principles like “innocent until proven guilty” would waste away in the dustbin of history. Mob justice would prevail. Though Rittenhouse is no hero, he should walk away from this a free man.

With each passing day, our national debt draws nearer to $30 trillion. It’s an astoundingly high number that should send shivers down the spines of everyone concerned for the long-term prosperity of our nation. With the point of no return approaching swiftly, our very own Ben Snead speaks the plain and obvious truth that if we are to avert the economic crisis, the GOP must rediscover fiscal conservatism. 

Glenn Youngkin’s comeback victory in Virginia sent shockwaves through Washington, demonstrating the GOP’s electoral strength ahead of the 2022 midterms. Lone Conservative contributors Justin Rodriguez and Jack Shields both wrote about the implications of Governor-elect Youngkin’s success for future Republican campaigns. Shields explains the factors that led to Youngkin’s win, from Democratic incompetence to the school board controversies, while Rodriguez discusses how Youngkin’s campaign could serve as a model for future conservative blue-state candidates.

One idea that is gaining traction in some conservative and some liberal circles is a proposal for a national divorce. Some individuals embrace the idea that in the face of Americans becoming increasingly polarized, we should simply give in and split the nation in two. Our editing team rejects this idea and explains why in their most recent editorial.

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