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Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Americans lost a great one this week. Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State, member of three Republican presidential administrations, and military leader in two middle eastern wars passed away at age 84. Our own Alex Munguia wrote an obituary for the General with a personal aside to talk about why Powell is an “exemplar of what a leader should be.” May he rest in peace. 

Throughout the 2020 primaries and during the first months of the Biden administration, the divide within the Democratic Party between radical progressives and establishment liberals has reared its head frequently. In his weekly newsletter, Kevin Williamson discusses the multitude of issues with both factions, labeling one the “Pillage Party” and the other the “Freakshow Party”. Williamson later details his criticisms of the contemporary GOP and its conflicts. This week and always, Williamson’s newsletter is worth a read.

As readers may recall, last week we discussed the sobering fact that China successfully tested a hypersonic, nuclear-capable missile. Thankfully, just as President Kennedy saw the need to get to the moon to counter Soviet triumphs in the space race, President Biden saw to it that the U.S. military made history too. Under his leadership, Rachel Levin, who happens to be a white male, became our “first-ever female four-star admiral” for the U.S. Public Health Services Commissioned Corps. This momentous victory comes right off the heels of the trailblazers over at the State Department reacting to China’s ability to rival our military prowess by proudly celebrating Pronoun Day. Truly, the citizens of Taiwan will be able to sleep a little more peacefully now, and the Uyghurs can have hope that as they are forcibly sterilized and tortured, the United States will make sure that not a single one of them is misgendered. 

With the overbearing lockdowns largely behind us, many are taking time now to examine the effectiveness of these lockdowns. Many conservatives suspect the lockdowns were not worth the massive economic damage they caused, but most are unfamiliar with the data to back that up. In his recent article for Reason Magazine, Jacob Sullum breaks down the Lockdowns’ High Costs and Murky Benefits.

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