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Sunday, October 17, 2021

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In troubling news, the Chinese have successfully tested a hypersonic, nuclear-capable missile that circled around the entire globe. The test proved once more that United States intelligence underestimated China’s progress in hypersonic weapons, and could very well be at risk of losing both our current Cold War and a future hot war with China.  

As Covid-19 numbers continue to dwindle, and everyone who has wanted to get the vaccine has had the opportunity to receive it, many colleges still sadly refuse to return to normal. Between renewed mask mandates, moving classes online, and even vaccine mandates, colleges are making students jump through unnecessary hoops in order to simply continue their education. Our very own Jack Applewhite argues in his Tuesday article that colleges are violating student freedoms with these requirements. 

Dave Chappelle has always been an edgy comic. For him to stop being so would be to surrender himself to the mob. His latest Netflix special, The Closer, is being thrashed by transgender activists within and outside of Netflix for Chappelle’s allegedly transphobic jokes. So far, Netflix has not caved and taken down the special which the editors of National Review think is commendable. “As a private corporation, Netflix is free to air or refuse to air material in accordance with whatever standards it deems appropriate. But free speech would not long survive if every private business could be bullied into a single orthodoxy by a small group of extremists.”

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