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Sunday, October 10, 2021

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Last month, multiple women on the US gymnastics team testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the abuse they endured at the hands of Larry Nassar, their former team doctor. Although Nassar was convicted in 2017 for molesting several girls, the Federal Bureau of Investigation previously failed to investigate accusations of abuse against him. As our own Rachael Stevenson writes, the courageous testimony of these gymnasts revealed corruption among some FBI agents, who did not properly investigate the gymnastics program. As Stevenson explains, the FBI’s failure only makes it more difficult for women to come forward with accusations of abuse. 

As tensions between the U.S. and China remain high, one area of significance remains Taiwan. While Biden has made comments indicating a different approach towards Taiwan, the official U.S. approach to Taiwan is that of a “strategic ambiguity”. In her Saturday article for National Review, Therese Shaheen argues that America needs to adopt a different policy towards Taiwan in order to protect the island democracy from China. 

Despite our policy of “strategic ambiguity” for Taiwan, there was reassuring news this week that the United States will defend Taiwan against Chinese tyranny. According to Gordon Lubold at the Wall Street Journal, U.S. forces have secretly been in Taiwan for at least a year providing training in the event of a Chinese invasion. As China flies record numbers of military aircraft near Taiwanese airspace, any signs that the U.S. will stand by its commitment as the leader of the free world and protect Taiwan are necessary and welcomed, even though there is more to be done. 

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