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Sunday, October 3, 2021

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This week, our own Aidan McIntosh authored a two-part essay discussing the value of including Christian theology in political discourse. McIntosh recognizes the monetary wealth that liberal capitalism has produced; however, he argues that western liberal democracies are somewhat value-free, leaving a moral void for their citizens. According to McIntosh, reintroducing religious philosophy into political discourse could help the west recommit to recognizing the human dignity of every man. 

Fusionism, the blending of conservative and libertarian thought in one political coalition, has been the GOP recipe for success in past decades. Fusionism’s “influence has historically correlated with the power of the party, as well as with the success of the nation” but right now, as LoCo Contributor Justin Rodriguez explains in his debut article, the “party is in the midst of an identity crisis.” Mr. Rodriguez argues that the GOP should not abandon this tried and true vision because “a system of free enterprise and moral society cannot and should not be separated.” 

As any conservative college student knows, universities are a hostile environment for you. Colleges preach tolerance and inclusivity, but only for those who have viewpoints that are acceptable to them. While this is apparent to any campus conservative, it is a problem that administrations and left-leaning students would rather ignore, or worse, encourage. In his article for Reason magazine, J.D. Tuccile breaks down how universities are teaching intolerance. 

Conservatives have long argued that Democrats’ COVID-19 policies are rooted in politics, not science. Determined to prove us right, California Governor Gavin Newsom has mandated all students in K-12 schools must get vaccinated to attend in person while exempting teachers from such a rule. This, of course, flies in the face of the overwhelming scientific evidence that COVID-19 is far more dangerous for adults than children. But why follow the science when you can obey the teachers’ unions? 

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