The Lone Conservative Weekly: September 26, 2021


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Dear reader, 

Fall is officially upon us and we hope you are enjoying the change in weather as much as we are. 

Across the country, crime is rising and police recruitment is sputtering. That is a recipe for disaster. Ryan Mills explains the quagmire faced by police departments of all sizes all across the country and its causes in National Review. 

In his Tuesday newsletter, Kevin Williamson takes an in-depth look at the tragic drone strike US forces carried out in Kabul last month. Williamson explains that the Biden administration’s decision to carry out the strike was motivated by an urge to appear strong and mighty during an otherwise feeble withdrawal. Williamson argues that the drone strike is one of many instances in which presidents have made foreign policy decisions with the intent of improving their domestic image instead of furthering American interests.

As Democrats continue to push for mask mandates for children as young as two years old despite there being incredibly safe and effective vaccines available for adults and the fact that the flu is likely equally or more dangerous to children than COVID-19, two horrific videos emerged of just what a mandate for children looks like. In the first video, a preschool-aged child gets more and more upset as the daycare employee forces him to wear the mask. In the second video, American Airlines kicked a family off their flight due to their toddler refusing to wear a mask while he was in the middle of an asthma attack. The psychological toll of these mandates on children is clear, and the nation needs to see the results of these policies and decide if a moral nation truly ought to force children to make sacrifices for adults, rather than having the adults make sacrifices for the children. 

Earlier this month, President Biden announced plans to mandate vaccines or weekly testing for all companies with more than 100 employees. This is just another instance of the administration thinking it knows better than you do when it comes to your health. In her Tuesday article, our own Sydney Fowler criticizes the mandate and urges non-compliance. 

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