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Sunday, September 12, 2021

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We wish your football teams the best of luck this Sunday. 

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the attack on our nation on 9/11/2001. Though many of us weren’t yet born or were mere toddlers, our lives from that point have been shaped by that day. We will never forget those who died both innocently and heroically. One of our contributors, Emily Cope, was born that fateful day. Her article, “Reflections From an American Born on 9/11”, is worth the investment of your time. My heroes are the first responders on 9/11”, she said. “The ones who raised the flag at Ground Zero, and the ones who gave their lives. They are the civilians who gained control of Flight 93 and said ‘let’s roll.’” 

Many Americans recounted how they experienced 9/11 and the subsequent fallout. In an opinion article, Siraj Hashmi described his perspective on 9/11 as a Muslim American living in Pakistan during the attacks. Hashmi recalled how his family was forced to flee Pakistan, amidst threats from terrorists. As Hashmi explained, his patriotism made him an apostate in the eyes of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Expressing a sentiment shared by many, Hashmi described how the aftermath of 9/11 only deepened his patriotism and his commitment to his faith.

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 raises awareness of a new issue, the fact that many young adults lack first-hand memories of the terrorist attacks. “Never forget” now takes on a whole new meaning, and those without memories of the event must be educated about the atrocity committed against us.  In her article for National Review, our friend Kara Zupkus highlights the ways in which our modern culture is failing to “never forget”, and argues that it is up to us to educate, be educated, and remember.

After repeatedly admitting to the obvious truth that it was not within his power to mandate vaccines on private citizens or businesses, President Biden announced he will be using the Department of Labor and OSHA to mandate that employees of certain private businesses get vaccinated or be subject to weekly COVID-19 testing. Andrew McCarthy has an excellent article at National Review explaining exactly why such an order is unconstitutional. 

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