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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Nations such as Australia, New Zealand, and France are implementing draconian lockdown measures to purportedly fight the spread of Covid-19. Americans need to pay attention to these countries because their virus of authoritarianism is spreading here at home.

Australia recently captured the attention of Americans with its cruel policy towards dogs. A rural council was opposed to volunteers traveling during Covid to pick up rescue dogs. The council decided to shoot the dogs that were going to be rescued by shelter volunteers.

This August, 200 extra military personnel were sent to Sydney in addition to the 500 army personnel already there. This is a part of Operation Stay at Home, where residents are mandated to stay within a 3.1-mile radius of their home. Additionally, fines for violating lockdown restrictions have increased from $1,000 Australian dollars to $5,000.

New Zealand is no different. Their Prime Minister announced a nationwide lockdown after one Covid-19 case. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attributed this to the Delta variant (which is less dangerous than the Alpha variant). Ardern also instructed citizens not to communicate with their neighbors.

France is requiring Covid-19 vaccine passports for anyone traveling, eating in restaurants, or using public transportation. Currently, the mandate applies to adults, but it will pertain to those 12 years and up starting September 30.

There is apathy in America that derives from Cold War nostalgia. A notion persists –especially among Baby Boomers– that despotism in other nations could never come to America. Tyranny is no match for our Constitution! This blissful ignorance is being weaponized by the elites. The powerful rely on our naïve view of America to distract us from their power grabs. 

Washington state issued strict vaccine mandates for health care, childcare, and school employees. New York City requires proof of vaccination for entry into indoor venues. Many service industry workers are also mandated to get the jab. The governor of Oregon implemented an outdoor mask mandate regardless of vaccination status.

Incentives and restrictions are sometimes antithetical to greater public health. At the start of the pandemic, many states and localities closed gyms. According to the CDC, obesity “increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19.” Krispy Kreme is expanding on its promotion to offer vaccinated customers free doughnuts. From August 30 to September 5, vaccinated individuals were awarded two free doughnuts. In June, Washington state allowed pot shops to host vaccination clinics. Customers who got vaccinated received a free joint.

Tyrants oppress the masses by exploiting their fear and hysteria. Isolation heightens fear and anxiety. According to psychoanalyst Joost Meerloo, isolation and the “repetition of stimuli” are used by totalitarians to condition the masses. Mandatory quarantines, virtual schooling, and social distancing are all elements of isolation. The constant barrage of fear-mongering from the media acts as repeated stimuli.

In Chicago, a mother claims that a Cook County judge rescinded her parental rights because she is not vaccinated against Covid-19. The mother, Rebecca Firlit, has not seen her 11-year-old son in person since August 10. Schools across the nation have hosted vaccination clinics, some of which did not require parental permission. Additionally, many schools have mask mandates in place even though children have virtually no chance of succumbing to the virus. 

Anti-maskers, those refusing the Covid vaccine, and people protesting lockdowns are not why restrictive measures are still in place. Compliance with the demands of egotistical bureaucrats is what fuels tyranny. In the words of Senator Rand Paul: “They can’t arrest us all…We don’t have to accept the mandates…We can simply say no, not again.”

Despotism is only inevitable if Americans let manufactured fear demoralize them. Our freedoms will not survive if we continue down this self-destructive path of mass hysteria. FDR was a terrible president, but he did get one thing right: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Erin is a college junior pursuing journalism and writing. She enjoys reading, art, and listening to podcasts about politics. She can be found walking her golden retriever, Gus.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Erin Van Natta

Erin is a college junior pursuing journalism and writing. She enjoys reading, art, and listening to podcasts about politics. She can be found walking her golden retriever, Gus.

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