The Lone Conservative Weekly: September 5, 2021


Sunday, September 5, 2021

Dear reader, 

We hope you are having a better week than abortion advocates. 

As you well know, Texas’s abortion law took effect this week, prohibiting abortion after a heartbeat is detected in a clever way that evades the arbitrary and legally nonsensical restrictions imposed by Roe and Casey. While it is most certainly true that any advancement in the fight for life ought to be celebrated, there are many aspects of this unique law that cause questions and dilemmas on the legal side of the issue. David French tackled these issues in one of his latest articles, answering many of the legal questions pro-lifers may not be aware of and showing that as great as any law restricting the murder of unborn children is, it is the Mississippi abortion law that has the greatest chance of overturning Roe and Casey

This week, the Social Security Administration released a report announcing that it will be unable to pay full benefits in the year 2034, moving Social Security a year closer to insolvency. In a Thursday article, one of our contributors reminds young people why they should be concerned about the underfunding of social security. The article explains how social security is collected from paychecks and warns readers that the looming issue of insolvency will require more government intervention. 

Signaling the end of a hastily planned evacuation, the last U.S. plane left Afghanistan on August 30th. Even still, over 100 American citizens remain in Afghanistan. Additionally, 18,000 SIV applicants, along with 52,000 of their family members, were left behind and will almost certainly face gruesome revenge from the Taliban for aiding Americans. In her Thursday article for Reason Magazine, Fiona Harrigan details how the SIV program failed the very Afghans who helped us over the past twenty years.

Is Donald Trump coming back? Would it be a good thing for the GOP if he did? Whose potential path to the White House would be most disrupted by a Trump challenge? Guest author Nathan Biller answers all this and more in his article “Why Donald Trump Shouldn’t Run in 2024”.

We invite you, as always, to check out the latest from our pages. 

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