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Sunday, August 29, 2021

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We hope you are enjoying your weekend and that you are safe from the approaching hurricane. 

Numerous times in this weekly newsletter we have directed you to an article written by Lone Conservative contributor and editor Jack Shields. This week we do the same. Mr. Shields has written a poignant, timeless, and powerful piece this week titled “There’s More to Life Than Being Alive.” The lesson of the piece is axiomatic by its title but it is one that many people need to learn as pandemic worries continue to hang on to the country’s proverbial lapels, refusing to let us go and live life again. Please read Jack’s piece here

Afghanistan is the topic on everyone’s minds, and there is a lot of criticism flying towards Biden from even the most biased of mainstream outlets. A lot of words have been used to describe the President over the past week; incompetent, reckless, etc. Our very own Nathan Neuman argues in his Wednesday article that it is arrogance that led to the Afghan crisis we have today.

Of the many factions that make up the political Right in the United States, the debate over taking or mandating vaccines has been most conspicuous among Evangelicals. The debate turned ugly last week when the National Religious Broadcasters fired Daniel Darling, its senior vice president of communications after he violated their stance of neutrality concerning the vaccines by encouraging Christians to get vaccinated on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” In response to the emergence of Evangelical vaccine hesitancy and what can only be described as Christian cancel culture, David French has an excellent article discussing the Christian duty to exercise their liberty virtuously, especially in a pandemic. 

Here are some other articles from our pages and around the web. Enjoy!

Students Against Mandates by Sophia Corso

Justice Kavanaugh Replies to Mr. Biden by the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

Christians Must Speak Up for the Women of Afghanistan by Chelsea Patterson Sobolik


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