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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Dear reader, 

School is just around the corner for most of us here at Lone Conservative. A return to campus for the first time since March of 2020 is imminent.  This summer has been a monumental one for sure. We hope you have enjoyed yours and wait with excited anticipation of fall like we do. 

Almost all of our contributors’ summer internships are over by now. This week, Lone Conservative Editor-in-Chief Nathan Gorman wrote about his experience interning with the Federalist Society. From writing briefs of the latest Supreme Court decisions to meeting a federal judge for lunch, Mr. Gorman had a great experience. “I would work for them again if I ever got the chance,” he wrote. “When I go to law school there is no doubt in my mind that I will be involved with running a [Federalist Society] chapter.” Read all about his experience here

This week, horrifying footage and reports have emerged from Kabul showing desperate Afghans attempting to find their way to safety as Taliban forces have taken control of Afghanistan. While the chaos rages on, the Biden administration’s exit strategy, along with the decision to withdraw itself, has been called into question. In response, President Biden has stressed the importance of ending the decades-long war in Afghanistan. However, in his Friday column, Matthew Continetti explains how the withdrawal will only undermine American national security, as jihadist terror organizations will be able to gain a foothold in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Highlighting the significance of Biden’s failure, Continetti argues that: “The Forever War isn’t over—it’s entered a new phase. Where the enemy has the upper hand.”

Over recent years, the role schools play in the development of children has been called into question. Parents are worried that the place they send their children for 7 hours every day might be teaching them values they disagree with. Numerous stories have come out, most notably the plague of schools teaching critical race theory, that have given parents good reason to worry. In his Tuesday article, our very own Jack Shields explains why Conservative focus in the culture war must shift to the schools.

As the battle over masking in schools rages, David Zweig has an excellent article in New York: Intelligencer going over the data concerning masks and children. In it, he shows that the harms of masking children may outweigh the benefits, especially for children with special needs. 

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