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Sunday, August 15, 2021

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As August is the month that brings us those “final moments of fun before the freeze”, we hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

This month, YAF held its 43rd National Conservative Student Conference in Houston, Texas. Hundreds of conservative students got to hear from the likes of Vice President Pence, Ben Shaprio, Dan Crenshaw, Ted Cruz, and many other leaders in the conservative movement who discussed the tenets of conservatism and how to fight back against the Radical Left. Our very own Alex Munguia discusses his experience at the conference and all it had to offer in his article “Rush YAF”

Contributor Emily Cope wrote this week about new Chinese restrictions that effectively wipe out a $100 billion tech industry. Emily writes that the restrictions are targeted against for-profit private tutoring companies who serve Chinese clients via the internet. These companies are often backed by American investment and employ American teachers. Citing that the industry has been “hijacked by capital” (in other words, it is successful), China is effectively stunting the growth of companies whose investors don’t align with the interest of the Chinese Communist Party. Check out Emily’s piece and find out more. 

This week, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a 4,000-page report discussing human influence on the natural environment. Press coverage surrounding the study stressed the existential nature of the global warming threat. In his Wednesday column, George Will responds to the catastrophizing nature of the media’s reporting on climate change. Throughout his piece, Will wisely fact-checks the mainstream narrative on the IPCC report, as he argues for a more level-headed response to the threat of climate change.

In the time since The United States’ major withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Biden has quickly been proven wrong on the capabilities of the Afghan military to maintain control of the country. Afghan President Ashraf Fhani has fled the country, which has almost entirely fallen to the Taliban. At the time of this writing, the Taliban is putting pressure on the capital city of Kabul. In his Friday article for National Review, David Harsanyi highlights that this is just another of a long list of Biden’s foreign policy errors, an area in which he is more often wrong than right.

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