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Sunday, August 8, 2021

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As the time to finish “summer reading” nears its end, A Game of Thrones, the book that inspired the hit TV series, turns 25. Nicholas Pompella has a great piece in National Review outlining the legacy that the book, its (unfinished) series, A Song of Ice and Fire, and its author, George R.R. Martin have left on the fantasy genre. Pompella discusses the godless political intrigue and backstabbing that occurs throughout the books and how flawed that approach is to writing fantasy. He also points out its parallelism with today’s godless political culture in the western world, where there seems to be nothing holding people back from doing evil to achieve their ends. A brilliant piece for a beloved, but flawed, book that is now a quarter-century old.

When he’s not too busy killing all the elderly people in his state, Governor Andrew Cuomo is quite the scumbag around the workplace. According to a damning report released by New York Attorney General Letitia James, Governor Cuomo sexually harassed nearly a dozen women and likely broke both state and federal laws in doing so. Cuomo made it clear he has no intention to resign, but with a plethora of Democrats including President Joe Biden calling for his resignation and the New York Assembly considering impeachment, Cuomo’s political future is very much in jeopardy. We look forward to hearing from Chris Cuomo and everyone else at CNN about how evil Governor Ron DeSantis is for all this.

The arbitrary restrictions and resurgent mandates will mean nothing if the American people willingly ignore them. This is the point of Michael Brendan Dougherty’s piece in National Review this past week. The White House and the CDC alike have no discernable goal that, when met, will bring about an official end to the Covid-19 pandemic. Public-health officials will never stop making public health their utmost concern. But as the virus mutates we realize that there are no perfect solutions to this problem, only trade-offs with how to proceed living life with it. The power is in the hands of the American people as to when they want to end the pandemic restrictions. When we stop complying, it will be over. 

As the Tokyo Olympics draw to a close, it’s valuable to consider the geopolitical undertones present during the games. In his Thursday article, our own Jack Applewhite describes the origins of the term “Chinese Taipei”— used to refer to the independent nation of Taiwan. Applewhite explains how the Chinese Communist Party exerts its influence over the International Olympic Committee, not allowing Taiwanese athletes to properly represent their homeland. Furthermore, Applewhite notes that these circumstances are indicative of the CCP’s growing power on the international stage; a development which can only be deterred with consensus support for Taiwanese sovereignty.

The push to get more Americans vaccinated continues, and more politicians on the left are taking a heavier-handed approach. Biden is encouraging localities to bribe individuals to get the shot, New York is introducing vaccine passports, and even the NFL is putting immense restrictions on players that choose to not get the shot. In his Thursday column, our very own Matthew Convard explains how the push to get vaccinated has gotten unnecessarily aggressive. 

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