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Sunday, August 1, 2021

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This week, this CDC announced new coronavirus guidance, recommending that vaccinated individuals in areas of “substantial or high transmission” wear masks while indoors. Some municipalities went further, mandating masks for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. In his column, Jonah Goldberg argues that the new guidance is an unnecessary bureaucratic overreach into the livelihoods of Americans who are ready to return to normalcy.

Many people have been upset about the CDC’s change in guidance and some, like Lone Conservative’s own David Glasser, are speaking out against a “forever pandemic.” Fears around an eagerly authoritarian federal administration under President Biden are fostering and many are wondering why vaccinated people should have to wear masks. “It’s unfortunate that some in power are irrationally reacting to the latest wave by imposing mask mandates regardless of vaccination status and threatening more lockdowns,” David explains. “Both of these measures defy science and indulge the delusions of far too many who believe that even so much as contracting COVID-19 is a life-altering tragedy.”

If you’ve been cheering on Team USA in the Olympics as we have, then without a doubt you have seen the continued success of Katie Ledecky – the best female swimmer of our time. Ledecky will leave Tokyo with two more gold and silver medals but getting to this Olympics was made even harder than usual because of the pandemic. In addition to having to wait another year, Ledecky and some of her teammates didn’t have a place to train during the beginning of the pandemic. They had to resort to the backyard pool of California real estate developer and former swimmer Todd Spieker. The Wall Street Journal covered this heartwarming story about how a stranger’s generosity to a generational talent helped the cause for American gold medals. If you need a pick-me-up after the CDC news from this week, be sure to give it a read. Go USA!

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