The Lone Conservative Weekly: July 25, 2021


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Dear reader, 

As July winds down and gives way to August, we hope that you are having as wonderful a summer as we are. 

This week Lone Conservative contributors Dace Potas and Erin Van Natta wrote opposing pieces about big tech companies and Donald Trump’s lawsuit against social media giants. We encourage you to read both of their thoughtful articles on the subject. This issue is at the forefront of many conservative minds and we are proud of the articulate thoughts from Dace and Erin on this subject. 

The billionaire space race marched forward this week, with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos launching himself into space in Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship. With Richard Branson having already gone to space and Elon Musk going soon, one would think that the fact that private companies are now taking the lead in the final frontier would be cause for celebration. Instead, the likes of Bernie Sanders and other socialists and leftists have decried the billionaires for supposedly wasting money that should be spent fixing issues here on Earth. Rich Lowry’s article for Politico and Ashlee Vance’s article for Bloomberg refute those objections and show how the privatization of space is to everyone’s benefit, billionaire or not.

In recent weeks, some public health officials have been calling for the reimposition of coronavirus restrictions like mask mandates. For example, Los Angeles County reapplied its mask mandate earlier this month. Of course, the notion that fully vaccinated individuals need to wear masks is irrational. Furthermore, in his Commentary Magazine article, Noah Rothman explains the pressure campaign behind the new coronavirus restrictions, along with the incompetence of the Biden Administration’s response.

This week saw a large controversy in the American Catholic community. J.D. Flynn and Ed. Condon’s The Pillar released an investigative report about the General Secretary of the USCCB, Msgr. Jeffery Burrill. The report used publicly available app data to draw a connection between the highest-ranking priest in the country with frequent usage of the hookup app Grindr. This caused a debate of journalistic ethics of using commercial app data to “spy” on people and publishing stories about them. J.D. Flynn and Ed. Condon released a joint statement on Twitter defending their decision to publish the article.

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