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Sunday, July 11, 2021

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We hope you are enjoying your weekend as the dog days of summer are in full swing.

As the debate around critical race theory and school curriculum continues, grassroots organizers across the country have begun lobbying their local officials to prevent the teaching of this questionable doctrine. In his Friday article, our own Kyle Schmidbauer describes the nationwide fallout from the incorporation of CRT into American schooling. Schmidbauer goes on to denounce CRT, arguing: “There exists no rational or moral foundation for the teaching of CRT – a racially divisive, historically illiterate set of untruths strung together by agenda-driven ideologues – in any facet of American life.”

As President Biden defends the decision to pull out of Afghanistan and the Taliban continues to gain ground, Rich Lowry at National Review exposes the foolishness of the decision. Indeed, it appears we may soon have a Saigon 2.0 on our hands, with America accepting defeat against an inferior foe, handing Afghanistan over to a vicious tyranny, and emboldening our enemies abroad. Biden himself gave a somber forecast of the consequences of his decision saying, “The mission hasn’t failed – yet.” But as we scramble to relocate those who aided our forces, failure appears inevitable. 

James Craig, a Black, former police chief in Detroit is considering a run for the Michigan governor’s office as a Republican. Interestingly, despite the ubiquity of violence, looting, and arson in Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, and other cities across America last summer, Detroit remained relatively peaceful. Only minor clashes between police and citizens in the “murder city” were noted and neither business groups nor Detroit police “can list a single incident of protest-related looting or arson.” Not only did police funding remain intact, but it is also set to increase next year. Mr. Craig gained and held the trust of the city, its citizens, and his officers. He implemented proactive measures like Project Green Light to help deter crime – specifically carjackings – with wonderful success. Now he is being urged to run for public office. The Wall Street Journal explains this and more in their piece on the former chief and potential gubernatorial candidate. Remember his name.

As the pandemic slowly but surely moves into the rearview mirror of the United States, many are inclined to reestablish the powers government agencies have and don’t have in times of crisis. Last summer, the CDC used a stretched interpretation of their powers to impose a nationwide eviction moratorium, which has been extended till the end of July. As Jacob Sullum explains in his piece for Reason Magazine, this type of stretch could be used to justify almost anything, even a vaccine mandate, even though the legal merits are shaky, to say the least. 

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