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Sunday, June 27, 2021

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We here at Lone Conservative cherish debate and the civil exchange of ideas even when we disagree amongst ourselves. This week, two of our contributors laid out their thoughts on Ronald Reagan’s brand of conservatism and whether or not the ideas that he espoused should have a place in the future of the conservative movement. Jack Shields wrote in the affirmative and Erin Van Natta held to the opposing view. These contributors wrote great pieces that, above all, show that people can thoughtfully argue and disagree without being pugnacious and disagreeable. Join us in congratulating our contributors on their good work by giving their articles a read. 

As June comes to a close, the Supreme Court has been releasing decisions on the most hot-button cases from this term. This week, the Supreme Court decided in a unanimous opinion in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. The Court’s ruling favored a Catholic adoption agency, which had been discriminated against by the local government because of the agency’s stance against same-sex marriage. In his Monday article, our own Matthew Lewis explains the Supreme Court’s ruling and what it means moving forward for religious liberty.

Earlier this month, Senator Kyrsten Sinema made a stand in defense of the filibuster. Her argument was Democrats have more to lose than gain by ending the filibuster. Eric Boehm of Reason magazine provides an examination of Sinema’s stance in his article “The Filibuster Will Survive Because a Few Democrats Are Smart Enough Not To Kill It”.

This week Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone penned a response in First Things to a letter from 60 Catholic Democrats against the decision of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to draft a document on Eucharistic Coherence. The Archbishop dissects their “Statement of Principles” point by point. This discussion has largely been perceived as political, but as Archbishop Cordileone points out, “[t]he history of Catholic immigrants to the United States and their descendants is exemplary of the American dream, and intertwined with the Democratic party.” In today’s hyper-partisan culture, it is hard for non-partisan organizations to be perceived as such because if you are not totally with one team, you are seemingly against them.

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