Biden is Letting Down Border States


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Recently Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that Texas would be completing a wall along their Mexican border without federal assistance.

Since President Biden’s inauguration, the United States has seen the worst border crisis in over a decade. In May alone there were 180,000 encounters between Border Patrol officials and illegal immigrants, the highest number since the early 2000s. The number of encounters has increased sharply since February right after Biden took office.

On day one of his presidency, Joe Biden ended funding allocated by President Trump for the border wall’s construction. President Biden also suspended the “Remain in Mexico” policy on his first day in office along with many other Trump-era immigration policies during his first 100 days

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked with managing the immigration crisis by President Biden. She has refused to visit the border despite invites from individuals within each of the four border states’ governments. She has instead been using her time to meet with Latin American leaders as part of an attempt to cut the problem off at the source.

In early June, Vice President Harris spent a weekend visiting Guatemala and Mexico to discuss immigration issues with the leaders of the two countries. The goal of the trip was to focus solely on the root causes of mass migration and how to repair the environments that individuals are fleeing in the first place.

While both the President and Vice President have urged people looking to cross the southern border not to come, these words come too late and without enough action. No action has been taken to curb the massive influx of illegal immigrants or to improve resources for Border Patrol. 

This all comes after months of Biden and Harris campaigning against the stricter border policies of President Trump. The border crisis is directly attributable to the attitudes expressed and policies eliminated by the current administration.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott campaigned on the promise of finishing the Texan portion of the border wall without federal assistance. Abbott announced earlier this month that he is planning to begin the construction of the project which will use donor funds. 

Governor Abbott also announced that Texas would be providing a $250 million down payment on the project from the state budget. The project received almost $400,000 in donations in the first week. Although a cost and timeline have not yet been provided, the full plan of Abbott’s proposal will be released soon. 

During the press conference, Governor Abbott said “These challenges that we’re talking about are a direct result of the open border policies in place right now.” He went on to say the situation at the border “is out of control, and a change is needed.”

Securing our border is a matter of national security. To prevent human trafficking, drug smuggling, increased gang violence, and the importation of illegal weapons, we must have knowledge of who exactly is coming into the country. 

It is shameful that state governments are being left with no option but to take on the daunting task of border security without federal assistance. National security is one of the main responsibilities of the federal government, yet it’s one of the few things the current administration does not want a hand in. 

The Biden administration has decided to focus on the root causes of mass immigration from Latin America. This is a fine issue to work towards solving but fixing these issues abroad will take time. Time is not a luxury we have when 180,000 individuals—along with many more that don’t encounter border patrol—attempt to cross our border illegally every month. 

The current administration has made it clear they have no intentions of solving the crisis at our southern border and border states are being left to manage the influx of immigrants on their own. The Biden administration wants to involve itself in everything. Everything except the issues they are actually responsible for solving.

Dace Potas is a sophomore at DePaul University, studying Political Science and Mandarin Chinese. He plans to pursue a career relating to political commentary or journalism.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Dace Potas

Dace Potas is a sophomore at DePaul University, studying Political Science and Mandarin Chinese. He plans to pursue a career relating to political commentary or journalism.

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