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Sunday, June 6, 2021

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In light of Joe Biden’s decision to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 virus, media figures have been forced to reconsider their early dismissal of the theory that the pandemic originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In his New York Times column, Ross Douthat asserts that the failure to consider the lab leak theory is an example of media groupthink. Furthermore, Douthat explains if it were clear that the virus came from a lab, there would be broad implications for the United States’ relationship with China and for scientific research practices worldwide. 

Last Monday was Memorial Day. Many people are appreciative of the uncommon day off of work and school. Vice President Kamala Harris certainly was eager for people to celebrate their long weekend. However, Memorial day is about far more than that. In his Monday article, our own Alex Munguia reminds us of what the day is truly about; honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. 

Mark Bauerlein expounded in First Things on the recent trend of universities dropping the SAT and ACT test requirement in their applications in the name of racial equity. He argues that “[Racial t]ensions will likely be worse, as has so often happened with progressive reforms, and officials will scramble and fumble for another answer, a fresh tactic.” As universities struggle to solve the problem of racial disparities in education, Bauerlein argues that their proposed solution will cause more students to sink instead of teaching them to swim.

The country is reopening and normalcy is-dare we say it-returning. However, as Charles C.W. Cooke explains from personal experience, the COVID bureaucracy is alive, well, and a bigger headache for all those who long to travel internationally. As Cooke hilariously explains, despite being fully vaccinated, the bureaucratic powers that be forced him to pass a COVID test at home before leaving, another before returning, one on the second day after arriving, and purchase one that was to be taken on the eighth day after arrival even though he wasn’t to remain in the U.K. for that long. And despite all of this, he was forced to remain at his parent’s house for the duration of his visit and suffer a surprise visit from a British police officer who was there to make sure he was indeed quarantining. “Maybe, just maybe, we’ve gone a little too far with all this.”

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