The Left, the Mob, and Justice


Thursday, May 13, 2021

The biggest news story in the country is that the jury has found Derek Chauvin guilt on all counts in the murder of George Floyd. This was a difficult case, and while I would not have faulted the jury for having a reasonable doubt, I have no objection to their verdict. 

But recent events have shown that the trial was not the greatest issue facing the nation. Rather the Democrats’ support for mob rule and a willingness to destroy our institutions at the expense of justice is one of the gravest threats to our republic.

After January 6th, I wrote an article advocating for the impeachment of President Trump. I argued that his actions after he lost the election jeopardized the integrity of the republic. Democrats agreed, but they’ve proved themselves hypocrites willing to do the same. 

As the verdict neared, it became clear that if Chauvin was not found guilty, there would be riots. The National Guard was sent in, schools were closed, and the country braced for the possibility of widespread violence and unrest.

Rather than cool the temperature, Democrats fanned the flames. Representative Maxine Waters said that if Chauvin was not found guilty, people must “get more confrontational” so “that they know we mean business.” Her comments were so egregious that the judge in the Chauvin case said they may be grounds for an appeal. 

President Biden said that he was praying for the right verdict, leaving no ambiguity as to which verdict that was. 

Imagine that on January 6th, President Trump spoke to the crowd and told them that if the election results were not overturned, people would have to get “more confrontational to show that they mean business.” That when Congress was in session, he announced that he was praying they would do the right thing. The Democrats would have called for his head, and rightly so! These are the words of tyrants. 

Yet those same Democrats who were so eager to impeach Trump a few months ago refused to even censure Waters for her comments. Waters, Biden, and other Democrats and members of the media (but I repeat myself) endangered the integrity of the republic. They used their power and influence to tell the nation that only if they got what they wanted could the system be just. 

In their pursuit of constant revolution, the logical end of the Left’s ideology is the destruction of our institutions. And the logical end of the destruction of our institutions is the birth of mob rule—a mob rule wherein verdicts are not determined on the basis of the facts of the case, but of the anger of the people. 

The mob begets partiality and partiality begets injustice. The very fact a violent mob was ready to wreak havoc upon our society had the verdict not gone their way is a threat to the life and liberty of every American and to the very ability of the government to deliver justice as it was ordained by God to do. 

If our justice system is to endure not just the next high-profile case but the next 100 years of cases, our institutions must prevail over the leftist ideology and injustice it brings forth. 

Jack Shields is a student at Texas A&M University. He is a history major and huge Dallas Cowboys fan, with interests in politics, religion, and philosophy.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Jack Shields

Jack Shields is a student at Texas A&M University. He is a history major and huge Dallas Cowboys fan, with interests in politics, religion, and philosophy.

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