Republicans Failed Outreach


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

As leftism continues to take over mainstream media and pop culture, the GOP continues to neglect one of the most important aspects of politics: outreach. 

One of the biggest appeals to leftist culture is the illusion of kindness. From raising the minimum wage through the roof to universal healthcare, it is easy to understand why young people and minorities see left-wing politics as more compassionate. However, when a lot of these policies are implemented, there are disasters in the free market that ultimately result in damage done to the social fabric. When the GOP ignores issues important to youth and minority communities, everyone from blue collar workers to suburban households are affected due to their negligence. It is time for the GOP to stop being on continuous offense. 

In the 2020 elections, Texas experienced a blue shift. Although it wasn’t enough to flip any counties, margins were narrowed greatly, giving Democrats an edge. 

One of the most recent examples of negligence of outreach was during the winter storm in Texas. The winter storm in Texas was one of the worst natural disasters Texas has had to deal with. A huge chunk of the Texan population was left without water and electricity for several days. AOC, a prominent leftist figure, fundraised for Texas and was able to raise 4.7 million dollars. AOC is known for her vigilant fundraising and youth outreach. Back in 2020, AOC went on a live twitch stream which garnered 435,000 viewers and raised $200,000. Cortez’s marketing and outreach strategies have proven to help boost her popularity among youth. Ironically enough, the champion of socialistic policies, uses charity and the use of the free market to raise money and help those who are vulnerable. Wherein AOC should be applauded for her initiative and swift action to help struggling Texans, many youth believe that charity equates to fiscal and monetary policy. While AOC was fundraising for Texas, Ted Cruz decided to leave and go to Cancun during the disaster. By the time he came back, people were outraged and called for his resignation

During times of struggles, elected officials are expected to keep their constituents informed and look for ways to help their communities. With blue shifts in Texas, the Republican landmark of the nation, Republican representation is vital to show the nation that the GOP not only cares about the people but is going above and beyond to help them in times of struggle. With national scandals like Ted Cruz leaving Texas during a disaster, the GOP only widens the communication gap with the left wing youth of America. 

There are plenty of examples where persistent outreach has helped the GOP. Former president Trump won over Florida by focusing his efforts in the Hispanic community. He consistently set up rallies and campaign ads that proved to pay off in the 2020 elections. On the contrary, his negligence of outreach in Georgia was a big factor in Republicans losing the senate runoff. 

The youth are the future of the nation and will eventually become the backbone of America. Neglecting outreach is not something that the GOP can afford. Conservatism should be about fighting to preserve the people’s liberties and actively advocating for limited government. Left-wing politicians and media who are actively trying to paint conservatism in a negative light must be repudiated with aggressive and effective outreach that will help spread the true values of conservatism.

Yulianie Hernandez, who also goes by Yuli, is currently a High School senior. Yuli developed a passion for writing and politics during the early summer of 2020 and has been voicing her opinion since.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Yulianie Hernandez

Yulianie Hernandez, who also goes by Yuli, is currently a High School senior. Yuli developed a passion for writing and politics during the early summer of 2020 and has been voicing her opinion since.

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