Israel Is Under Attack Again And The Usual Suspects Are Lying About It


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Amid the recent conflict in Israel over the potential eviction of Arab families from Jewish-owned homes in Sheikh Jarrah, tensions between terrorist group Hamas and Israel have reached a boiling point. But the truth about the recent conflict is far different than what leftists, anti-Semitic organizations, and terrorist groups like Hamas would have you believe.

On Monday, Hamas launched 137 rockets into Israel in a span of five minutes and bragged about their targeting of civilians by commenting “We still have a lot to show.” Two Israeli women were killed in the last 24 hours by rockets in the Israeli city of Ashkelon, and Israel launched retaliatory strikes against the terrorist group.

The catalyst for the recent violence is supposedly the Sheikh Jarrah “real-estate dispute” according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. The media and many leading Democrats have too often drawn a moral equivalency between Hamas terrorists and Israel in times like these, assigning culpability to the latter for the recent violence. Of course, they’re completely wrong in doing so.

Here are the facts, pure and simple. Jews lived in Shimon Hatzaddik, now referred to as Sheikh Jarrah, for over half a century prior to the Israeli War of Independence which began in May of 1948. Amid years of attacks by surrounding Arab nations and Jordan’s subsequent annexation of the land, Arab families began to move into the abandoned homes that legally belonged to Jewish landowners and proceeded to occupy them.

Since 1967, when Israel took back this territory during the Six Day War, Israeli groups have attempted to return Jewish families to their occupied properties to the dismay of the Arabs who moved into these homes following the conflict. The lawsuits have dragged on for about fifty years, and lower Israeli courts have found that the settlers squatting rent-free in the Jewish-owned homes must either pay for the land or vacate the property.

But the dispute in Sheikh Jarrah is far more of a symbolic excuse for the violence, rather than the underlying cause of it. The reason why terror groups Hamas and Palestinian political party Fatah have engaged in violence against Israel in recent days is because of electoral politics. Namely, this violence is rooted in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ fear that he could lose power. 

Abbas, in the sixteenth year of what was supposed to be a four-year term, was performing poorly in the polls and would likely lose his grip on power in upcoming elections. As a result, Abbas and (Abbas’ political party) Fatah incited riots and declared that the elections would be postponed indefinitely, blaming Israel for the decision to do so and specifically citing to the recent developments in Sheikh Jarrah.

Hamas, the terror group and party competing with Fatah which would’ve likely defeated Abbas in the election scheduled for May 22, opposed Abbas’ decision to cancel it. However, not to be outdone by Fatah, Hamas decided to launch hundreds of missiles into Israel to remind the Palestinian population and the world of their virulent anti-Semitism in hopes of boosting their electoral advantage.

It’s a shame that media outlets across the country, the Biden administration, and much of the world has decided to lie and blame Israel for this conflict. This all comes as Democratic politicians like Rep. Ilhan Omar have piled on with a new wave anti-Semitic bile as Jews are attacked once again. 

Sadly, holding Israel to an entirely different moral standard is nothing new. And even more sadly, this violence will last as long as terrorist organizations like Hamas continue to be emboldened.

David Glasser is a political writer, analyst, and author of "The Wrath of Tyrants." He's currently a college freshman. Aside from writing, he enjoys hanging out with his cats, reading, and playing ping pong.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About David Glasser

David Glasser is a political writer, analyst, and author of "The Wrath of Tyrants." He's currently a college freshman. Aside from writing, he enjoys hanging out with his cats, reading, and playing ping pong.

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