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Sunday, April 25, 2021

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We are saddened at the passing of former Vice President Walter Mondale, who died on Monday at the ripe age of 93. A colossal politician who was cheerful even in defeat, he was a fine public servant whose most significant contribution to American politics was reshaping the vice presidency, writes former Carter advisor Stuart Eizenstat in an obituary for the Wall Street Journal. At Politico, Jeff Greenfield lauds Mondale’s legacy as one of the “last old-school Democrat[s].” Rest in peace, Mr. Vice President. 

As the Biden presidency reaches the hundred-day mark, the White House would like us to think that there is a return to normalcy. Sure, there are no embarrassing tweets every five minutes consuming the 24/7 news cycle, but as Freddy Gray puts it in the cover story for the Spectator: “Under Biden, the headlines have certainly been a lot less sensational. Pay attention to what he’s been saying, though — and you realise that America’s executive branch is as mad as ever.”

In the 2020 House of Representatives elections, nothing hurt Democratic prospects more than the slogan “defund the police.” If 2020 is any guide, then a perception that Democrats are weak on law and order will hurt them in the 2022 midterms. Statements from senior Democratic politicians, and a failure to push back against the left’s anti-policing narrative particularly throughout this week, have done a lot to reinforce this narrative, writes Karl Rove in his column for the Journal

With the latest Democratic push to make Washington DC a state and thus expand their majority in the Senate, it seems as if all objections to constitutional norm-breaking expired on January 20th. Though the pitch for DC statehood is under the pretense of “voting rights,” George Will lays bare this unconstitutional power grab in his Washington Post column. 


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