Vaccine Passports Take Away Personal Responsibility


Monday, April 19, 2021

On March 28th, the Washington Post reported that President Biden was ramping up plans to develop a “vaccination passport” in cooperation with the private sector.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is already championing the idea of a vaccination passport being used to access restaurants, sporting events, or any other sort of daily activity. On the other hand, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has already taken executive action to ban vaccine passports.

Advocates of these passports believe it is the government’s job to make decisions for you regarding your well-being. 

It is your own responsibility to make decisions that are beneficial to yourself and those close to you. Nobody else can do that for you, especially not the government. 

One of the primary concerns with a vaccination passport is the possibility of a multileveled society. This would be a scenario in which one class, the vaccinated, is allowed to go about life normally, whereas those without the vaccine are forced to remain in lockdowns. This sort of discrimination, preventing a certain class from accessing the customary aspects of American life, is not something that should be a part of our society. 

Vaccine passports are not some sort of necessary evil required to keep us safe. They are a completely unnecessary infringement on our return to normal life.

The only reason for the lockdowns in the first place was to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed with patients. The left has widely lost this focus and shifted into a mindset of “lockdown so nobody catches COVID.” 

Americans understand the risks of putting themselves in situations where they could potentially contract the virus. If you are coming into contact with people who are not vaccinated you are at risk of contracting COVID. 

These risk assessments are something Americans do every day. Do you choose to drive to work or take public transit? Driving is more convenient but comes with a far higher risk of injury or death, yet to an immense number of Americans, this is an acceptable risk to take.

COVID is no different. Is going to watch March Madness at a bar worth the risk of contracting the virus? To some who are at low risk, yes. To others who may be at risk or come into contact with those who are at risk, no. 

The concept is as simple as this. If you do not want to catch COVID, then do not go out. If you do not want to catch COVID and still want to go out, get vaccinated. Do not let your fear of a virus that you aren’t able to control prohibit society from returning to normal.

The government’s resources would be far better spent on spreading accurate information about vaccines while also ramping up the distribution process. Giving Americans the tools they need to better protect themselves is how we will beat this virus.

Americans must be allowed to make these decisions for themselves. We are more than capable of understanding the risks of certain activities and adjusting our lifestyles accordingly. Returning to normal requires the government to trust Americans to make decisions for themselves. 

Dace Potas is a sophomore at DePaul University, studying Political Science and Mandarin Chinese. He plans to pursue a career relating to political commentary or journalism.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Dace Potas

Dace Potas is a sophomore at DePaul University, studying Political Science and Mandarin Chinese. He plans to pursue a career relating to political commentary or journalism.

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