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Monday, March 29, 2021

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After a two-month long media blackout, President Biden held his first press conference earlier in the week, and in case you missed it, it was exactly what you would expect. Not only were the reporters asking questions excessively ingratiating, they were outright calling upon the President to embrace progressive priorities, including ending the filibuster. David Harsanyi breaks down the press conference at National Review so you wouldn’t have to watch it. Reportedly, Biden is also enjoying the media coverage comparing his presidency to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson, in the sense that his presidency is a “transformative” one. Both FDR and LBJ came into office with electoral landslide and sweeping congressional majorities, while Democrats today enjoy the slimmest of Congressional majorities and no sweeping electoral mandate. Also at National Review, Charlie Cooke writes that if Biden embraces this flattering narrative and goes down a transformational path, then his entire campaign will have been a lie.

This week also saw an amplification of the argument that the filibuster is inherently racist, as Democrats see it as a hurdle to pass H.R. 1, a sweeping “voting reform” bill that gives the federal government much greater control over elections. The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal has previously noted the bill’s worst aspects, but some new items in the 800-page proposed legislation have come to light. There is no doubt that pressure is building upon Senate Democrats to blow up the filibuster to pass sweeping voting reform, though Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) is trying to find a compromise. Journal columnist Holman Jenkins points out that H.R. 1 is in fact central to the Democrats’ electoral strategy for 2022 and makes one rock-solid prediction: should the bill stay and the Democrats lose in 2022, they will blame “voter suppression.”

It is hard to take Democratic hysteria about those opposing H.R. 1 being a “threat to our democracy” when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently attempting to overturn a congressional election in Iowa’s Second District, where the Democratic candidate lost by a mere six votes. Rich Lowry at Politico notes that this is no different from the most outlandish conspiracy theories spread by former President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the election in his disgraceful attempt to overturn the results. Talk about preserving our democracy…

You might have come across a host of memes on social media about a container ship blocking the Suez Canal, thereby causing massive disruption to global trade. But when Niall Ferguson warned of a new Suez Crisis earlier in the week, the historian had something very different in mind. In his column for Bloomberg Opinion, Ferguson lays down the stakes for America in the South China sea. Should China be successful in invading Taiwan, it would mark the end of American primacy, much like the Suez Crisis ended the British Empire’s status as a great power.


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