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Sunday, February 28, 2021

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House Democrats on Friday approved a $1.9 trillion stimulus package on a strict party-line vote, with two Democrats joining all Republicans in voting against the bill. The bill will now be considered by the Senate. While that happens, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal lays down how much, or rather, how little of the $1.9 trillion actually has to do with pandemic relief. In an op-ed for the Journal, Utah Senator Mitt Romney rightly calls out President Biden for refusing to compromise with Senate Republicans after they negotiated in good faith. So much for unity and bipartisanship. 

Let us go back in time when Democratic Governors Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo of California and New York were hailed as heroes in the fight against COVID-19. But as both governors botched the handling of the pandemic in their respective states, and have been  embroiled in scandals of their own, the media finally seems to have realized that they were far from what they were made out to be. Liz Wolfe of Reason wonders whether their incompetence would be noticed by voters in sapphire blue states. Meanwhile in Florida, the successful vaccination rollout and the state’s economic recovery have vindicated Governor Ron DeSantis’s strategy. Nick Stehle is right in noting at the Washington Examiner that the Democrats and media owe him an apology, but our bet is that he is unlikely to receive one. 

The new Cold War with China, already in full swing, will perhaps be the defining geopolitical event of the decade. At Bloomberg, Hal Brands explains the four flashpoints which would define the competition between the United States and China. In a piece for the latest issue of Spectator USA, AEI scholar Michael Auslin gives us plenty of food for thought by imagining a future scenario where the two powers are pushed to the brink of war in 2025. 

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