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Sunday, February 14, 2021

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We are saddened by the passing of former Secretary of State George P. Shultz. Being one of two Americans to have held four different cabinet positions, Shultz’s distinguished career in public service, among other things, helped usher in a peaceful end to the Cold War. In a moving obituary for Commentary Magazine, Elliot Abrams puts it better than we could: Shultz’s life gave meaning to the phrase “the greatest generation.” For the Wall Street Journal, Henry Kissinger recounts fond memories with his old friend. Rest easy, Mr. Secretary. 

President Joe Biden promised to lower the political temperature, and we hoped he would make good on his promise early in his administration. So far, high-and-mighty calls for national unity have been nothing but hogwash. The president’s efforts to pass a COVID relief bill on a strict party line vote without even a pretense of bipartisanship is reminiscent of the “my way or the highway” approach followed by President Obama in 2009. Biden should know all too well that this could lead to a 2010 style blowout for the Democrats in 2022, writes Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal. On foreign policy too, the Biden presidency should not be a third Obama term. Sanctimonious posturing without any concrete action hardly lives up to the geopolitical challenges America faces, writes Walter Russell Mead in his column for the Journal

Remember when the media glossed over New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “competence?” Remember when he got an Emmy Award for his TV briefings? In an exclusive, the New York Post reported that an aide to Cuomo privately admitted to Democratic lawmakers in the state that the governor and his team deliberately concealed the true number of deaths in care homes to avoid scrutiny from federal prosecutors. But we were reliably told by CNN that it was Ron DeSantis who wanted to kill seniors. At National Review, Kyle Smith delivers a richly-deserved, scathing indictment to the New York Governor in his signature style. 

As the Senate trial of former President Donald Trump has shown, there is a deep split between the establishment and the Trump-sympathetic factions of the Republican Party. The Democrats and their allies in the media would hope that this fundamental split would ring the death knell for the Republican Party. However, if the right can organize itself, then history suggests such predictions of doom and gloom are overblown, as Daniel McCarthy notes at Spectator USA

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