The Capitol Riots Were Hypocritical


Monday, January 11, 2021

In the aftermath of the election, many prominent Republicans from Donald Trump Jr. to Charlie Kirk assured us that the Republican Party would never stoop to the level of the radical left. Instead, on January 6, right-wingers ducked even lower by literally storming the Capitol building in a misguided attempt to halt Congress from completing the electoral college count.

Such actions should be condemned unequivocally by conservatives of all stripes—whether or not we agree on the [lack of] merits of voter fraud claims.

Protecting and upholding the sanctity of our Constitution and institutions is central to what it means to be an American conservative. Seeking to destroy our great country in the name of Donald Trump (or any other politician) is antithetical to anything our movement stands for.

As I wrote this summer amid the BLM riots, rioting only multiplies injustices through political violence and almost always fails to yield productive solutions. Consequently, rioting over election results is not only illegal and unconstitutional but also renders the many misguided souls defending the MAGA invasion blatant hypocrites.

It is utterly ridiculous that nearly half of the Republican Party supports the rioting at the Capitol—especially in light of how many of those same people lambasted the Black Lives Matter riots this summer. Such hypocrisy is unacceptable and only serves to further damage the future of the conservative movement. 

When left-wing activists burned, looted, and destroyed numerous American cities to the utter chagrin of conservatives nationwide, Trump loyalists were among the most vocal factions demanding law and order. Trump himself even enacted the Statues and Monuments Act in June, punishing vandals with a minimum of ten years in prison for damaging federal property in response to the anarchy that transpired in places like Portland and Seattle.

However, when confronted with an invasion of the Capitol building by his own supporters, the President waited over twenty-four hours to fully condemn the violence. In the immediate aftermath of the chaos, he only issued a half-hearted statement telling his supporters to go home and that he loved them in a now-removed video tweet.

Still, despite the President’s lack of immediate action, it is encouraging that every prominent conservative on my feed quickly condemned the rioting at the Capitol. Such condemnations starkly contrast the Democratic Party’s decision to largely condone political violence this summer.

Democrats have rightly been quick to condemn the violence at the Capitol, but such condemnations from left-wing politicians and talking heads seem shallow and hypocritical in light of their rhetoric just months ago. Furthermore, many Democrats—including President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris—have gone out of their way to cherry-pick double standards and form a narrative centered on the race of the rioters.

While it is perfectly fair to criticize the Trump Administration and the Capitol police force’s response, the idea that the police and rioters shared some sort of “Kumbaya” moment is fantastical and has no basis in reality.

At least five people died during the riot and tear gas was employed liberally. The National Guard was also deployed eventually and rioters were dispersed with the help of concussion grenades. Dozens of arrests have been made and further arrests seem imminent as more troublemakers are identified.

Still, rather than looking at the part in light of the whole in seeking to fairly analyze and contrast police actions and tactics, partisans on the left and in the media chose to drive home the race-baiting narrative they have promoted since the rioting commenced this summer. Twitter is ripe with nonsensical comparisons and unfalsifiable hypotheticals that dishonestly suggest that the BLM rioters were unjustly maligned by the police because they had the wrong color of skin.

This narrative is total nonsense. 

Again, in Seattle, rioters were allowed to set up an Autonomous Zone without consequence for weeks, while Portland police have had to resort to an arrest and release policy as left-wing rioters have essentially had free-reign to destroy the city since June. The fact that such details—along with the aforementioned deaths, deployment of the National Guard, and use of concussion grenades and tear gas—are so conveniently overlooked is inexcusable and only serves to further raise the temperature of our discourse.

In the end, the only people who do not look like hypocritical jackwagons right now are those who have consistently condemned all sorts of rioting, looting, and political violence throughout the past nine months. Republicans who condone the employment of such political violence are no better than the leftists they so passionately hate.

Rioting is always wrongregardless of who is doing it and why. Conservatives and liberals alike who endorse such destructive action would do well to reconsider their stances.


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Jonathan Voos is a baseball player and Political Science/Economics double major at Austin College, a private liberal arts institution in Sherman, Texas. He currently serves as Treasurer of the Austin College Pre-Law Society and is an active member of his church and his community.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Jonathan Voos

Jonathan Voos is a baseball player and Political Science/Economics double major at Austin College, a private liberal arts institution in Sherman, Texas. He currently serves as Treasurer of the Austin College Pre-Law Society and is an active member of his church and his community.

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