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Monday, December 28, 2020

Dear readers, 


Though it certainly felt different this year, we hope you had a great time celebrating Christmas. If you’re still in the festive mood, here is a rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus. We guarantee you, it is unlike anything you have ever heard before. 

In her column for the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan looks back at the madness of 2020 and advises us to speak our minds clearly, something we would do well to remember heading into the new year. Also at the Journal, Jeremy Page takes a deep dive into the life of Xi Jinping, and how his experiences fueled his rise and shaped his authoritarian tendencies. Assuming that Xi was another globalist seeking deeper engagement with the United States was thus a strategic miscalculation of gigantic proportions.

Across the pond, a real Christmas miracle arrived for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as he managed to secure an historic post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union. Sealed after months of mistrust and contentious negotiations, Jim Brunsden and George Parker at the Financial Times detail how the deadlock was broken at the eleventh hour.

At National Review, Jay Nordlinger shares some stunning Christmas photos from his stroll around Manhattan. 

In a lighthearted column for Bloomberg Opinion, historian Niall Ferguson shares a 12-step guide that kept him sane throughout the pandemic. With promising news on the vaccines, we hope that lockdowns would be a thing of the past next year. 

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Thank you for staying with us, dear readers, for what has been the most unusual of years. We wish you and yours a very happy new year and hope for a bright and prosperous 2021.



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