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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Dear readers,

 As the election fever subsides—well, at least for now, we hope you are having a great weekend.

 Former Vice President Joe Biden has recently been making headlines for his calls for unity between the warring political factions in America. Those on the right who’ve been demonized for the past decade as deplorable, racist, homophobic bigots scoffed at the notion. While the request is admirable and certainly a goal worth fighting for, it looks as though some of Biden’s supporters didn’t get the memo. In Washington D.C. this weekend, a MAGA rally turned into The Gangs of New York as left-wing militants violently attacked Trump supporters. So much for unity.

 Contrary to the wishes of the commentariat, the Republican Party is very much alive. For the latest print issue of National Review, John McCormack’s cover story dissects how the congressional results are good news for the GOP, giving Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats anything but the much-vaunted “mandate” going forward. The record minority vote for any Republican recorded by President Trump, along with the GOP’s overperformance in state and local races busts the hogwash promoted by pollsters that demographics are destiny. But on the national level, the GOP can learn from the examples of Florida and Arizona on how a disciplined campaign message can win elections, as Isaac Schorr points out.

 With any luck, by next year, we will never have to hear the name of “The Lincoln Project” ever again. As glad as we are that their spending splurge and negative ad buys failed to achieve a Democratic landslide, their self-righteousness is emblematic of the contempt in which the media elite and politicians hold Trump voters. More than a grift, the Lincoln Project’s guided by a vendetta against those who would question their failures that enabled the rise of Trump in the first place. Nate Hochman’s evisceration of this charade at The American Mind is an enjoyable read.

 Across the pond, the resignation of two key Boris Johnson aides, director of communications Lee Cain and de facto chief of staff Dominic Cummings has been viewed as an indicator of a dysfunctional government that could spell the end of the Johnson premiership. But the departure of a government mostly run by Vote Leave alumnus provides Boris Johnson with an opportunity to hit reset on his time in Downing Street and reinvent his government with a focus on competence, according to Nick Tyrone at The Spectator.

 Earlier this week, Justice Samuel Alito delivered a powerful speech at the Federalist Society in defense of constitutional norms and rightly chastised political attacks on the independence of the judiciary. Naturally, the speech has caused quite a stir amongst progressives, so here it is in full, to conclude our weekly round up.

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The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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