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Monday, October 5, 2020

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What a decade this week has been. What began with a raucous, anything-but-presidential debate ended with the coming of the first October surprise on Friday at 1:00 AM via tweet. First things first, we wish President Trump, the First Lady and all those infected our very best and hope for a speedy recovery. Peggy Noonan reflects on a maddening week with her classic flair in a Wall Street Journal column, adding that next week’s debate between the vice presidential candidates will now take a heightened importance. Hopefully, it will give viewers much more substance. As Jay Nordlinger remarks on Twitter, “Pence-Harris will look like hi-tea at Blenheim Palace by comparison.” 

We don’t blame you if you turned off the TV within the first ten minutes of Tuesday’s debate. In case you had the wisdom to not watch the whole thing, allow us to sum it up for you. Poor Chris Wallace, who should be awarded a Nobel Prize for patience if there was one, as he did not lose his temper once throughout the circus. In a sign of low expectations from the former vice president, Joe Biden managed to avoid coming off as befuddled and tired, thanks to constant interruptions from President Trump. Trailing in the polls, the debate was a good opportunity for the president to focus on his messaging but he seemed insecure to any objective viewer. The curse of the 24/7 news cycle will bury this particular moment, but Joe Biden boldly proclaimed that “I am the Democratic Party” when Trump tried to cast him as a pawn of the radical left. If so, then why did he duck the question on eliminating the Senate filibuster and packing the Supreme Court—proposals which he had unequivocally opposed up until last year? That he secretly wants to pack the court is a valid explanation, but it’s likelier that he wants to keep the progressives energized, as Andrew McCarthy points out at National Review. But voters nonetheless deserve to know where the Democratic nominee stands on the issue, as this editorial rightly declares. 

Recall that a lifetime ago, the New York Times embarrassed itself after succumbing to pressure from the woke left and declared that an op-ed in their pages by Senator Tom Cotton “put lives in danger” and was inconsistent with the editorial policy. Surely then, as purveyors of objective truth and a bulwark against double standards, the Times would never again publish anything of the sort, right? Don’t hold your breath, as the self-righteous editors did just that by running a piece from a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, declaring Chinese sovereignty over Hong Kong. At Spectator USA, Stephen Miller calls out the hypocrisy of their nonexistent editorial policy. 

Over lunch from “the world’s most famous secret building”—the MI6 Headquarters at Vauxhall, Britain’s retiring spy chief sits down with Roula Khalaf, editor of the Financial Times. In his exit interview, Sir Alex Younger, who stepped down this week, talks about his 30-year-long career in Her Majesty’s Secret Service. We find it rather uncanny that his successor’s name is Moore– Richard Moore. His first tweet while on the new job is exactly what you would expect it to be. 

While America’s cousin across the pond remains caught up in the Brexit limbo, the fight for Scottish independence has gained new life. To say that “Scexit” is a realistic prospect would be an understatement, which is why a positive case for the Union is imperative. Thankfully, Douglas Ross, the new leader of the Scottish Conservatives did just that at the Conservative Party’s annual conference over the weekend. Stephen Daisley at the Spectator reports on that phenomenal speech, and advises Boris Johnson to follow Mr Ross’s lead. For the sake of the United Kingdom’s integrity, we agree.

Whilst stuck at home, violinist Daniel Hope spent the lockdown recording a studio album with plenty of delightful treats in it. Now that fall is in full swing, here’s his stunning rendition of the jazz standard ‘Autumn Leaves.’

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