The Corporate Press Has an Agenda, Not a Bias


Thursday, October 1, 2020

It’s not uncommon for conservatives to claim that the so-called “mainstream media” has a bias that skews towards the left. This certainly rings true, with 96% of journalists donating to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016. However, the true nature of the press is far more malicious. 

There is no political thinker quite like Michael Malice, who has been called “the Willy Wonka of politics,” who coined the saying, “The corporate press has an agenda, not a bias.” 

One must fundamentally understand the difference between a bias and an agenda; while on the outside it may seem as if they are one in the same, there is a fine line. A bias, Malice would argue, is welcome and expected. You have biases, so do I; everyone does. A biased media would present the facts and then factor in their own opinion. Regardless of what the opinion might be, the audience ends up with the true, indisputable facts. 

Unfortunately, this is not the way that the current corporate press works. Rather than having a bias, they have an agenda. 

The facts don’t matter when you have an agenda. When you have an agenda, you twist the facts and information to fit your own narrative. Truth is not as important as getting your agenda across and ensuring that your worldview becomes the status quo. 

It’s been a little bit since Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) was in the news with his op-ed calling for the military to be brought in during the worst of the riots in New York City, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and across the rest of the country. This was not an uncommon belief among the American publicAmericans see the country on fire while officers diea call for the military to intervene is a rather common take. Shortly after publishing the op-ed, several prominent members of the New York Times either voiced their opposition to the piece or straight-up resigned, most notably the editorial page editor, James Bennet. 

How did the New York Times respond to this? Not by acknowledging that it was a controversial piece… They decided to say that they shouldn’t have published the opinion of a sitting Senator in the United States of America. The New York Times had the sheer audacity to state that the opinion of a sitting Senator was invalid. Whether you like Sen. Cotton’s essay, there’s no denying that it’s both a valid view to hold and an important one for the public to know about. This is simply one example of their depravity. 

While the New York Times example certainly seems to be quite an egregious example of this agenda, there is perhaps none more telling than CNN discounting the riots in Kenosha, WI as “fiery, but mostly peaceful.” This is a blatant lie to anyone with eyes. The facts are that it’s quite simply not peaceful, you have buildings being burnt down, people being shot, and ‘mass anarchy’ in the streets. As you have the CNN mouthpiece claiming that everything is “mostly peaceful,” the man is wearing protective glasses and an industrial level mask, as flames engulf his surroundings. Forget the facts, the facts here do not aid in CNN’s agenda, they have to resort to blatant lying. While perhaps not one of the worst examples, it is one of the most blatant in seeing the corporate press completely ignore facts in order to advance their agenda. If CNN had had a bias, you would have seen them say something along the lines of, “The protests have gotten violent and to many seemingly out of hand, however, you have to remember the frustration and anger that is stemming from police brutality.” This would be factual, the protests are getting out of hand, but the second half is biased. This would be okay, but this isn’t what happened. 

What the corporate press ended up reporting was far more malicious and false.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Do the talking heads know what they’re doing? Do they know they’re lying?” I asked Malice this, myself, and he responded with a quote from William Jennings Bryan, “It is useless to argue with a man whose opinion is based upon a personal or pecuniary interest.” Here, you’re going to find out that it is in the interest of the corporate press to believe the lies they feed you. They’ve bought into a false reality, one that helps serve their agenda, one that they want you to believe. Next time you think, “The mainstream media has an agenda,” correct that with, “The corporate press has an agenda.”

Sebastian Campos is a member of the Class of 2021 at Peters Township High School. He is also the founder and President of his Young Americans for Liberty chapter. Besides being a staunch libertarian, he has also created and manages several e-commerce brands.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Sebastian Campos

Peters Township High School

Sebastian Campos is a member of the Class of 2021 at Peters Township High School. He is also the founder and President of his Young Americans for Liberty chapter. Besides being a staunch libertarian, he has also created and manages several e-commerce brands.

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