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Sunday, September 13, 2020

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This Friday was a solemn one as we marked the nineteenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. As we honor the victims and their loved ones, the first responders, and those who fight to defend our freedoms to this day, let us recall the lessons we have learned since. We saw two great cities attacked and lives shattered, yet America stood resilient in the face of adversity and rebuilt. President Bush’s opening pitch at the Yankee’s game in October 2001 captures the zeitgeist perfectly—a nation shaken by tragedy but united in hope. No matter the challenge, the American spirit has always remained steadfast.

For those of us from a younger generation, the memories from that fateful day are all a blur. We can never fully understand how those who witnessed the events felt that day. But our childhoods were shaped by its aftermath, and it is thus all the more important that we remember the lessons of September 11 as Isaac Schorr implores us in a poignant piece at National Review

Getting to good news, leaders from Israel and Bahrain will be meeting at the White House this coming Tuesday, September 15, to sign a historic peace deal normalizing relations between the two Middle Eastern countries. Much to the surprise of the foreign policy commentariat, President Trump’s strategy for the Middle East seems to be paying off, as Arab states grow weary of Tehran and can rely on support from Washington. While total peace is still far off and the region remains a quagmire, this is nonetheless a significant foreign policy achievement for the administration. Professor Charles Lipson breaks down the geopolitics at Spectator USA

On the domestic front, election season is in full swing. As the pandemic and protests make the political landscape uncertain, voting by mail might trigger a constitutional crisis and ultimately lead to the election being decided by the courts—as if the country was not polarized enough already. One cannot help but think of the nightmare scenario wherein President Trump declares victory on election night based on the networks calling it, but Joe Biden significantly pulls ahead as the mail-in ballots are being counted. The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal lays down this grim scenario. Once that sinks in, weep. 

Speaking of uncertainty, the Brexit drama is back. Those of us who closely observed the saga unfold last year might be feeling a sense of déjà vu. Boris Johnson’s landslide victory in the 2019 election with the promise of “getting Brexit done” seems to haunt him during his tumultuous premiership. As post-Brexit trade talks with the EU hit a deadlock, the British government decided to renege on the withdrawal agreement passed earlier this year, even admitting that they would be breaking international law in a “specific and limited way.” With that, the UK edges closer to a no-deal Brexit, as Peter Foster explains in the Financial Times

In the cover story for the Spectator this week, Matthew Lynn reports on the state of the global hunt for a Coronavirus vaccine. However, what could have been a multilateral scientific endeavor is just another front in the great power struggle. So much so that even the names of the potential candidates for vaccines are reminiscent of the space race of the Cold War. Winning the vaccine race will confer an aura of political and moral authority upon the victor, and it might just determine the balance of power for the decade. 

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